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Why You Should Choose Viking Pest Control

Why You Should Choose Viking Pest Control

Pests in the home or workplace can be seriously annoying. Even worse, some pests, such as mosquitoes and ticks, can carry diseases. Some pose hygiene risks, like cockroaches and rats. Others, like wasps, can cause pain and potentially trigger allergic reactions. There are those, such as termites, moths and carpenter ants, that can damage your property and possessions. In short, pests are all-round bad news.

DIY pest solutions might provide temporary relief, but getting rid of pests for good can be challenging. That's where Viking Pest Control can help. There are many reasons to choose the award-winning Viking when it comes to eliminating pests.

High Quality Services

In operation for more than 40 years, Viking has plenty of experience when it comes to all things pest related. Their top-quality service has earned them well-deserved recognition, too, with the company being featured on Forbes Home's list of the Top Ten Pest Control Companies of July 2022.

Viking treats pest problems both indoors and outdoors, covering a huge range of pests, including:

Viking is especially applauded for its procedures to remove termites and mosquitoes, with the honor of coming in the top five providers across the entire nation, as per Forbes Homes.

They also provide solutions for wildlife control, helping you get rid of bothersome creatures such as skunks, voles, birds, raccoons and groundhogs.

Whether you've got a pest problem at home or at work, Viking has the best solutions. The company serves both residential and commercial properties, including healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, shops, warehouses and schools.

Procedures combine modern technology, high-quality products, preventative measures and a wealth of skills and knowledge. Treatments are carefully calibrated to for consumer safety.

Another reason to choose Viking? They offer year-round services. No matter the season, Viking will be there for you.

Excellent Customer Service

Viking doesn't just perform well when it comes to actual pest removal — they also provide exceptional customer service.

Customer-driven, Viking prides itself on offering tailored pest solutions to meet diverse needs. The friendly team takes time to fully understand your requirements and works with you to create effective, long-lasting solutions.

The team ensures you understand any agreed work, keeps you updated with their progress and provides accessible means of communication. Nobody likes waiting around. The team values your time and will work to accommodate your busy schedule.

On-site, you can expect provide polite, friendly, and knowledgeable service. And, when the work is finished, we will leave your home as we found it... just with a noticeable decline in the pest population. 

Viking is a QualityPro member, which provides diverse assurances for customers, including:

  • Background checks performed for all members of staff
  • Drug-free workplace policy
  • Safety policy
  • Insurance
  • High standards of staff training and testing

The company also offers convenient methods of scheduling appointments and a range of service plans to match your needs. In essence, the user-friendly Viking operates efficiently and effectively to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction.

Viking Team At Patriots

Sustainable Practices

Viking goes above and beyond industry norms when it comes to sustainable practices. Their commitment has earned them the recognition of being named by The Spruce as the best pest control company for sustainability across the country. That's number one, of any pest control provider, in the whole of the USA. 

If you prioritize environmentally responsible pest control, choose Viking. They are GreenPro certified, meaning that they are proactive in minimizing harm to humans, non-pest animals and the environment in general. They use eco-friendly products to lessen potential damage to the environment and follow all relevant guidelines as set out by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Other sustainability points from Viking include:

  • Monitoring rodent activity with the environmentally-friendly Anticimex SMART system
  • Using organic products where possible
  • Avoiding excessive and irresponsible use of products
  • Operating a paper-free office and providing paperless online billing
  • Using vehicles fitted with systems to reduce idling time
  • Allowing staff members to work from home, thus reducing fuel emissions
  • Giving reusable shopping bags to customers

Great Employer

Viking doesn't just take care of the planet; it takes care of its people, too. The company is an equal opportunity employer with a strong commitment to its members of staff. Indeed, Viking's ethos regarding employees has been recognized and applauded, with the company receiving a Top Workplace Award from in both 2021 and 2022.

Modern technology and products ensure employee safety, employees receive regular high-quality training and work with safe, inspected and well-maintaned vehicles. Staff terms and conditions are competitive, with good pay, paid time off, flexible working options, health insurance, ongoing learning opportunities … and more.

Local Connections

Viking has local offices in several locations in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Members of office staff come from their respective communities, helping to forge ties with local areas. As well as providing local employment opportunities, Viking actively supports the communities it serves through charitable donations, sponsorships, and participation in local events.

Affordable Prices

If great results, high customer and employee satisfaction, sustainability and local links weren't enough, there's another reason to choose Viking for your pest control needs: The price.

Viking provides top-quality services at competitive rates and offers various plans to make services accessible to all homeowners and businesses. Contact Viking Pest Control today for further information and to obtain a free no-obligation estimate.

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