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The Damages Pest Birds Can Do to Your Business

The Damages Pest Birds Can Do to Your Business

The Damages Pest Birds Can Do to Your Business and How Bird Doctor Can Help

Has your business gone to the birds?

More specifically, do you have a problem with birds living at your commercial facility? If so, you probably already know how annoying it can be, not to mention how potentially expensive. 

Birds can do extensive damage to a commercial site, so finding the appropriate pest bird control is important. Read on to learn more about the damage feathered pests can do, and how a professional can help. 

Causing Damage to Your Business

If you're dealing with some larger birds like pigeons, then know they can cause physical damage. This is mostly due to their droppings—they are acidic

Over time, the acid content can start to eat away at your roof, as well as loosen or damage shingles that are important to the roof's function. 

Even smaller birds such as sparrows can build nests in roofs, which can also lead to damage. Even the insulation in the roof can be negatively impacted by unwanted pest birds. 

Carrying Potential Diseases

On the subject of bird droppings, they can contain up to 60 diseases. These diseases can be in the form of E.coli and salmonellosis, the latter that is associated with food poisoning. 

A potentially harmful fungus called cryptococcus can end up in the soil around your commercial facility, which can cause illness if it is breathed in by humans. 

It doesn't stop there—birds have also been linked with the spread of certain parasites. These can range from bed bugs to yellow mealworms. 

A Nuisance to You and Customers

If you have pest birds living in the roof or rafters of your business, it can be off-putting. Not just from a potential illness perspective, but also from the constant chirping. 

Potential customers, or even employees, who have a fear of birds (it's a real condition called ornithophobia) may not want to enter your business to start with. That can result in lost sales or losing current team members. 

While no odor is usually associated with bird droppings, the smell of droppings from a sick bird could offend potential customers.

How to Prevent Pest Birds

The best way to avoid problems from pest birds is to prevent them in the first place. There are a few methods you can try to keep them away from your home or business.

These solutions mostly focus on making your property less attractive to birds. For example, you should remove any standing water near the site that birds can drink or bathe in. That includes removing standing water from eavestroughs.

Be sure to throw out any garbage on the property that can attract pests. The most effective solution to control pest birds is to hire a professional service, like Bird Doctor.  Bird Doctor can help you easily install effective bird deterrents such as bird netting, bird spikes, and more to effectively solve your pest bird concerns. 

Turn to Professional Bird Control 

Having unwanted birds at your place of business can be a deterrent to customers, as well as potentially pose a health threat. Proper bird control is essential to avoid future expenses in repairs due to droppings, bird's nests, or other pest bird related damages. 

Learn more about Bird Doctor and get your free estimate for pest bird control today and fly above your bird problems!

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