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Importance of Maintaining Proper Warehouse Winter Pest Control

Importance of Maintaining Proper Warehouse Winter Pest Control

Winter is coming! Now is the time to start thinking about winter pest control. How do you winterize your warehouse though? 

Don't worry, at Viking Pest Control we have the solutions to keep pests away not only this winter season, but throughout the year. Let's take a look!

Why Is Winter Pest Control Important 

Rodents carry dozens of diseases that can be directly transmitted to humans and even more by indirect contact. In the cold winter months, these pests can find their way into buildings like your warehouse and set up shop for the cold season. 

Once one rodent makes a home of your business other rodents will start to invade as well. Starting with a simple rodent concern, once rodents start reproducing you can have an infestation at your business, and trust us, it happens fast! For example, a female mouse can have up to 10 litters each year giving birth to up to 14 young. 

Rodents are not your only worry though. Insects can infest a warehouse just as easily especially in large spaces with plenty of hiding spaces. Warehouses with cardboard need to take special precautions due to insects like Silverfish and Cockroaches

Things You Should Know 

You might think that you have your warehouse under control for the winter season, however, in our experience, we know that is usually not the case. A mouse can fit in through an opening the size of a penny, large buildings like warehouses are almost impossible to secure on your own.

During the winter rodents will find their way into the building without question. Once an infestation has occurred it will cost you more time and money to eradicate the problem. That is why working with a professional team of pest control specialists, like Viking Pest Control, is essential this winter and year-round!

What You Can Do 

There are some measures that you can take around your warehouse to manage pests this winter. Here are some simple tips for keeping your building secure:

  • Keep moisture to a minimum and use a dehumidifier if needed
  • Avoid clutter such as stacked newspapers or old boxes
  • Add screens to vents and chimneys 
  • Keep all food items securely sealed and stored

These tips are simple tricks that you can do on your own to help prevent pests from entering your building. With that being said, there is only one absolute in pest prevention...Hiring an expert, like Viking Pest Control, to ensure your facility is protected from pest pressures. 

Your local technicians at Viking Pest Control have over 40 years of experience in pest management. We apply years of knowledge alongside modern pest control technology to keep you and your property secure from pests.

Choosing the Best in Pest Control 

Winter pest control should not be overlooked when it comes to securing your warehouse or other properties. At Viking Pest Control we strive to give our customers the peace of mind that their properties and families are safe from dangerous pests all year round. 

We would love to connect further with you! Give us a call at 800-618-2847 or fill out our online form today to speak to your local commercial account specialist and learn more about how Viking Pest Control can keep you pest-free!

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