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Types of Wasp Nests in NJ, PA, DE & MD

Types of Wasp Nests in NJ, PA, DE & MD

Did you know that wasps can sting multiple times? In particular, it's the females who can do so.

If you have young children or you're allergic to stings, then having wasps on your property can be a real problem.

Here are 4 types of wasp nests you should look out for in NJ, PA, DE, and MD.

1. Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets are wasps that you commonly see flying about. However, their nests will be in hidden spaces, such as underground, in cupboards, and even in the empty spaces in your walls.

Their nests look like a ball that's been encased in gray bandages, with a single hole onyellow-jacket-nest-blog the bottom. You won't be able to see the hexagonal cells, as the insides are completely encased.

Because they make their nests in such hidden spaces, you may not be aware of them at first. But if you notice yellowjackets coming in and out of somewhere, investigate further.

You'll probably then discover holes in the ground. This is most likely the entrances to the various nests underground.

2. Paper Wasps

Paper wasps will build what's called an umbrella nest, which is considered an exposed type of nest. You'll usually find these under branches, eaves, or rafters of your home.


You'll know it's a paper wasp nest when you look up and the nest looks like it's made of grayish paper (hence their name). You'll also be able to see the typical bee/wasp nest shapes of hexagonal cells.

Typically, these nests are very lightweight when compared to the other types of wasp nests.

3. Cicada Killers

Unlike the other wasps on this list, cicada killers don't have nests. Instead, they dig.


For this reason, there are barely any signs of a wasp nest. You'll have to look around areas with lots of sand and soil.  about a foot into soil and lay their eggs there. Inside, there are different cells where the females lay their eggs in.

4. Mud Daubers

Mud daubers (or mud wasps) are aptly named so because they make their nests out of either mud or clay. You'll usually find them on the sides of buildings.mud-dauber-nest-blog

Their nests are very unique looking, as they aren't in a circular shape. Instead, they consist of what looks like mud pipes. You'll also notice individual chambers, which contain a single egg.

What makes mud dauber nests stand out against the rest is they don't have hexagonal cells.

Keep an Eye Out for These Types of Wasp Nests

Now that you know what the types of wasp nests are in NJ, PA, DE, and MD make sure you keep an eye out for them.

If you notice any of these nests on your property, then make sure you give a professional pest control company, like Viking Pest, a call. We will be able to effectively and safely remove the nest with the proper protective equipment so you're not in danger anymore.

Have you noticed a wasp nest on your property? Then schedule an appointment with us now. Our pest control experts will help you get rid of wasps quickly and effectively. Get a fast, free quote online, or call us today at 1-800-618-2847

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