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Benefits of Professional Pest Control in the Food Industry

Benefits of Professional Pest Control in the Food Industry


Food processing pest control is a serious consideration for any business that works with food in any capacity. Finding evidence of rats, cockroaches, and other pests in your facility or food products is a surefire invitation for trouble. There's no faster way to lose customers or face a costly shutdown than having an insect or rodent problem in your place of business. Don't risk waiting until you see signs that point to an infestation. You can learn about the benefits of professional pest control for your food processing business and take preventative action now.

Improve Health and Safety

Customer and employee health is essential for maintaining a successful food processing business. Just the sight of bugs and rodents puts people on edge and causes a strong reaction of disgust. But revulsion is only the beginning of the problem. Pests carry and spread harmful bacteria and diseases through direct and indirect contact, such as an employee touching or being bitten by a rat or cockroach body parts or leavings finding their way into the food product itself.

Even the presence of venomous insects like bees and wasps can create a significant risk for those who have allergies. Putting your employees and customers at risk is not only unsafe, but it can cause serious harm to your credibility. Using the services of a professional pest control company drastically lowers the chances of anyone becoming sick from a pest-borne illness.

Protect Your Reputation

Pest control in the food industry is essential for maintaining a reputation for cleanliness, safety, and trustworthiness. It takes time to build up your loyal customer base and establish good relationships with vendors who will stock and sell your product. 

A single instance where a customer gets wind of a pest problem can derail your efforts and cause devastating effects on your business as word spreads through the news, social media, and word of mouth to current and potential customers. Employees who witness signs of pests are also likely to feel unsafe and lose faith in your company, damaging team morale. 

Reputation management after the fact is often time-consuming and costly as you work to recover customers and orders. It's best to avoid this unfortunate situation entirely by utilizing commercial pest control services to keep your business's reputation intact. This is an intelligent solution to manage any known problems and keep an eye on potential threats, so you can have them dealt with before they can develop into an issue.

Food Processing Pest Control


Eliminate Pests at the Source

If you fail to exclude hidden entry spots and eliminate potential breeding sites where pests can hide away and thrive, you could end up dealing with large, repeat infestations. Finding and addressing the source of the pest problem is key to preventing them from finding a way into your business or, worse, finding a comfortable breeding ground on site. A leaky roof or low-lying areas that collect water can turn a simple rain shower into a severe pest incursion.

Professional pest control technicians for food processing companies understand the importance of eliminating all pests and preventing future infestations to maintain your business's health, safety, and success. The experts know where to look to find the spots where pests love to hide away. Their knowledge and equipment are crucial to identifying the root of the problem and taking the correct actions to eliminate the threat through regular monitoring, precautionary treatments, and exclusion activities.

Reduce Do It Yourself Solutions 

Attempts at controlling pests on your own often lead to misuse or overuse of products. Frequently, untrained personnel select the wrong products that don't properly prevent infestations or sub-optimal solutions that can start as many problems as they stop.

Professional commercial pest control allows you to work with experts who know when and how to use the most effective products in the proper quantities, locations, and conditions instead of guessing what to do and worrying if your efforts were successful. You gain peace of mind that a professional approach targets pests, prevents future infestations, and uses products that work. Getting it right the first time leads to a faster resolution and a substantially lower overall investment of time and money.

Focus on Prevention

While you should address any signs of an infestation as soon as it presents itself, the best strategy is always prevention, especially in a vulnerable industry like food processing. A serious pest problem may require you to temporarily cease operations while you deal with a pest emergency. This will inevitably cause a loss of revenue from canceled orders, disposal of contaminated food products, and site sanitation and sterilization measures.

There's also the threat of bad publicity surrounding a shutdown that could alienate your clients and reduce demand for your product when you finally return to regular operations. Focusing on preventing infestations drastically lowers the risk of shutdown.

Get Quality Food Industry Pest Control

Food processing companies must take special care to keep their facilities clean and pest-free. This means that an Integrated Pest Management approach, including advanced monitoring and prevention efforts like SMART rodent control, is the best approach.

You can maintain your favorable reputation and uninterrupted business operations by using Viking Pest Control's services. We are an award-winning pest control company providing effective and sustainable pest control services to food processing companies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Contact us today to schedule a site evaluation or to learn more about how we can keep your food processing facility protected all year!

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