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Forbes Top 10 Pest Control Companies

Forbes Top 10 Pest Control Companies

Pests are a common problem Americans encounter every year. 2.9 million Americans reported seeing roaches and rodents in their homes. 

As a homeowner, life gets busy, and pest issues tend to arise quickly. When pests invade, it can be frustrating and challenging to spend countless hours researching companies and making calls to compare services and prices. Wouldn't it be easier if someone did all the research to ensure you are hiring the best professionals to protect your home, family, and pets? Look no further because Forbes just released their list of Top 10 Pest Control Companies in the United States to assist homeowners in making the best choice for their home, and Viking pest Control is one of the ten companies to receive this honor. 

Read on to learn about what qualities and services Viking Pest Control offers to make this pest control company exceptional and your go-to choice.


Why Choose Viking Pest Control Over Other Pest Control Companies? 

Viking Pest was added to Forbe's Top 10 Pest Control Companies list and is the pest control company you should call for your pest control needs. 

Read on to learn about what qualities and services Viking Pest Control offer to make this pest control company exceptional and your go-to choice. 

QualityPro Certification 

Viking Pest control is a certified member of QualityPro. This certification positively impacts the services customers receive in numerous ways. 

For any pest control company to become a member, they must meet many requirements.  

Some requirements include: 

  • Criminal background checks  
  • Drug-free workplace policy 
  • Technicians and employees pass the QualityPro exam 
  • Practices proper pesticide handling 

These are just some of the many requirements a company must follow to become a certified member. These requirements not only certify companies as members but ensure exceptional pest control. 

Full-Service Pest Control Company 

Viking Pest offers pest control services for various issues you may experience. 

Not only are services for the typical pests such as ants, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites available, but so are many other services that many companies do not offer, such as disinfecting services, spotted lanternfly service, and wildlife control. Viking is your one-stop-shop for pest control. 

Viking Pest can help you with outdoor rodents such as groundhogs, voles, squirrels, and more. There are also a variety of other insects such as stink bugs, moths, and centipedes that their university-trained and certified pest control technicians can eliminate. 

SMART Pest Control System 

The SMART pest control system is available for both residential and commercial properties. 

These systems monitor pest activity 24/7 to prevent infestations. SMART offers 24-hour monitoring, support, peace of mind, and pest infestation prevention, so your home or business stays healthy and pest-free.  

Familiarity With Service Areas 

The technicians at Viking Pest are local to their service area and live and work within the community.  

These technicians commonly offer services to these areas and are experts on local pest activity and treatments.  

Knowing about the service areas allows technicians to offer exceptional service and help solve your pest problem. 

Did you check out Viking’s reviews? With well over 2,000 reviews, Viking prides itself on solving your pest issue and great customer service. Look for yourself on Google, BBB, or Facebook. 

While taking care of pests is their job, Viking Pest is also part of the community, and they prove it. With over 40+ giving back to the community events, Viking understands the importance of being involved.   

Contact Viking Pest Control Today 

Choosing between different pest control companies can be difficult, especially when there are many different options to choose from, but Viking Pest Control is the company for you. 

Viking Pest offers exceptional services done by professionally trained technicians dedicated to helping you with various pest control problems. 

If you are looking for pest control services or have any questions about them, contact us today. 

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