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Bug bites are just something you have to deal with as a resident of the planet Earth. But there is one bug that seems to creep people out more than almost any other. It isn’t because it is the biggest. It isn’t because it is the hairiest. It isn’t even because it brings with it the danger of poison or illness. The bed bug doesn’t have any of these traits. So, what makes it so creepy? It might be the fact that they come out at night by the dozens, crawl all over you while you’re sleeping and feast on your blood. We don’t know. But we have observed the trauma these bugs can cause. That is why we’ve put together this quick article on how to recognize bed bug bites and the warning signs. Here are the things you need to ask yourself.

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  1. Do they look like mosquito bites? We often hear people refer to bed bug bites looking like mosquito bites, but there is a definite difference. Smaller bed bugs, called larvae, will leave a smaller bite, and these bites often go undetected. Larger bed bugs will leave a bite that appears more like a rash and less like a bite. If you look closely, you will see that the skin is raised. But bed bug bites won’t generally have the distinct rounded look those mosquito bites have.
  2. Are my bites in a row or cluster? When determining whether or not you have bed bug bites it is important to see if there is any grouping to your bites. Bed bugs feed multiple times a night. If you are being bitten by bed bugs, you’re likely to have a line of bites or a cluster.
  3. Are there any signs of bed bugs in my bed? If you can’t immediately tell whether or not your bites fit the above criteria, you can always look to your bed for evidence of an infestation. Look for dark brown stains on your sheets, black smears, shed insect shells, yellow discoloration or the actual oval shaped bugs themselves. You can also examine your mattress seams and corners for black fecal residue. If you have these bugs living in your bed, they are going to leave their excrement in the pores.
  4. Have I been on vacation? Bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug. For this reason, they have become a major problem for hotels, motels and resorts. If you’ve stayed overnight somewhere in the last 3 months, even a 5-star hotel, you have a greater chance of having bed bugs. These bugs travel back to homes inside suitcases, bags, and even clothing.
  5. Have I had anyone over? If you have had guests spend the night in the last three months, they could have brought bugs with them.

If you find bed bugs, contact a professional to have your home treated. These bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of without proper equipment and education. 

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