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Anticimex Residential SMART FAQs


Introducing Anticimex SMART available only at Viking Pest throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Learn about SMART here with our most frequently asked questions about our intelligent, environmentally friendly pest control system that keeps an eye on mice activity, unlike anything currently on the market.

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Q: What is Anticimex SMART?

A:    Anticimex SMART consists of Smart Connect Minis, Smart Eyes Minis, and Smart Snap Minis, all exchanging information with each other and back to Viking’s local service branch. The devices determine where the mouse pressure exists, enabling the Smart Snap Minis to be moved to critical locations. When a catch is detected, Viking’s professionals will be notified, and we will make arrangements to come and empty the system. As our customer, you will never have to think about mice in your home again, much less removing a DIY mouse trap. Anticimex SMART works around the clock monitoring for pest activity in your home and will detect pests early to prevent infestations and damage. It is like having a professional constantly inspecting your home 525,600 minutes per year. 

Q: How Does Anticimex SMART Work?


Step 1: Analyze & Plansmart-step1

We inspect the home and documentation including blueprints and designs and ask you a series of questions. After a thorough analysis, we then define the unique, optimal set-up based on your situation.


Step 2: Install & Connectsmart-step2

We install state-of-the-art, multi-purpose SMART technology around the home.




Step 3: We Service, You Relaxsmart-step3

Ongoing service includes physical inspections, the emptying and relocating of traps, and analysis. We act fast when needed - just sit back and relax.


Q: How is Anticimex SMART Environmentally Friendly?

A: Anticimex SMART does not use toxic bait to trap mice.


Q: What is the Benefit of Anticimex SMART?


  • 24/7 mice monitoring with infrared sensors and digital alerts
  • Environmentally friendly without the use of toxic bait
  • Digital alerts of rodent activity captured by your Viking Technician
  • All set-up and rodent removal are completed by a pest management professional
  • SMART detects rodent activity early avoiding costly infestations. In just 3 months' time, one pregnant mouse can multiple to 20 mice or more!
  • Tailor-made mice control plan for your home based on data. There is no guess work
  • On-going maintenance and continued trap placement optimization from your Viking technician


Q: How is Anticimex SMART Different from Traditional and Electronic Mice Traps?

A:   Smart’s sensors communicate when activity is present and are not dependent upon being routinely inspected.  They are constantly vigilant in their defense of your home from these elusive pests. They call the professional for you when activity is present!  No more surprise mice in traps or the need to call a exterminator due to a bad smell. The trap does the work for you. 


Q: Where are the Anticimex SMART Traps Placed in my Home?

A:  The Anticimex SMART traps are placed in areas of your home where your Viking Technician determines as high mice pressure areas. Every home is different, so we optimize the placement based on your home. Common areas include:

  • Attic

  • Basement

  • Garage

  • Storage Areas

Q: How Does Anticimex SMART Monitor 24/7?

A:  Anticimex SMARTMini systemis a battery-powered digital systemthat communicatesindependently of your wifi network. Thisrodentcontrol system is always on monitoring for mice activity and never shuts off. No intrusive camerasare utilized so there is no invasion of privacy.  Ifanything,privacy isincreasedbecause routine service visits to inspect the inside of your home can be reduced or even eliminated.With Anticimex SMART’s digital alerts, your Viking Technician knows exactly where activity isoccurring(ifany) and exactly what traps need to be emptied. Technicians no longer need to enter your home constantly to check traps to monitor activity.


Q: Does the Anticimex SMART Mini System Need to be Charged?

A:   No, the SMART System does not need to be charged. Most parts of the Anticimex SMART system come equipped with a 3- 5-year battery life. The Smart Connect Mini does need to be plugged in. After 3-5 years, your system is replaced with the newest, updated Anticimex SMART technology.   


Q: Can Anticimex SMART be Added to my Current Viking Pest Service Agreement?

A:   Of Course! Anticimex SMART can be added to any Viking Service Agreement. Call us today at 1-800-618-2847 for pricing. 


Q: How Does the Anticimex SMART Mini Collect Data?

A: When the Smart Eye Mini’s infrared sensor detects movement, and when the Smart Snap Mini detects activity within the trap, or if a mouse is caught within the Smart Snap Miniall data is stored within the Smart Connect Mini. The Smart Connect Mini communicates wirelessly via a mesh network (WITHOUT the use of your home Wi-fi or cameras). Your Viking Technician monitors pest activity recorded by the Smart Connect Mini allowing your technician to act fast if pest activity is detected preventing costly infestations.  

Types of Data Your Viking Technician Receives: 

  • Activity detected from the Smart Eye Mini’s infrared sensor  
  • When a mouse enters the Smart Snap Mini but is not caught 
  • When a mouse is trapped within the Smart Snap Mini 


Q: What is Included in the Anticimex SMART System?



  • Smart Connect Mini - Sends digital alerts to your Viking Tech

  • Smart Eye Mini - Infrared motion sensor

  • Smart Snap Mini - Digital Mice trap with sensors

Q: Do the Infrared Sensors Only Pick up Mice Activity? 

A: The Smart Eye Mini detects all motion activity happening within its range. Whether a mouse or a squirrel happens to walk past this sensor, the Smart Eye Mini will report motion activity to your Viking Technician. Our Technicians carefully place these sensors in areas without high human traffic to reduce false reporting.   


Q: Is the Anticimex SMART Mini System Waterproof?

A: Yes, the Smart Eye Minis and the Smart Snap Minis are waterproof and dustproof. Smart Eye Minis and Smart Snap Minis are designed to be placed in wet, humid and dusty environments where mice activity is normally high.  


Q: Is Anticimex  SMART Available for Commercial Properties Too?

A: Yes! Viking Pest offers a separate Anticimex SMART System specifically for commercial properties. Click here to learn about our Commercial SMART system.  

For a list of Anticimex SMART FAQs for Commercial Properties, please click here. 

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