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It can be more than a little disconcerting to find hundreds of ants in your kitchen. While ants aren’t necessarily dangerous, there is something disturbing about hundreds of any kind of bug crawling around inside your home. So, it is only natural to wonder why this is happening and how to stop it. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.
At Viking Pest, we place a strong focus on understanding bugs and wildlife so that we can provide our customers effective pest solutions that use the least amount of chemicals. That is why we have certified entomologists who are educated in the habits and habitats of bugs on staff. Their expertise is invaluable, and nowhere can it be seen more than in the battle against ants. Ants are versatile and mysterious insects to find and eradicate. While the reason they come into a home may be simple, getting rid of them and keeping them out isn’t nearly as straightforward.
Okay. Why are little ants all over your kitchen? There are three reasons. 
  1. They found a way in. This means you have entry points in your exterior walls or foundation that are providing a pathway for pests.
  2. They found a food source. Ants don’t come out in mass numbers unless a food source has been found. This can be an unsealed trash can, food left out on the counter, a stack of dirty dishes, bread crumbs under a toaster, sugar on a pantry shelf, and hundreds of other possibilities. All that can be surely found food in any home.
  3. They mobilized. When worker ants find a food source, they leave a pheromone scent as they travel back to their nest. Other worker ants use this scent to find their way to the food source. The larger the food source, the more ants will come. The more ants that come, the more scent that will be laid down.

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How do I get these little ants out of my kitchen?
There is something you can do to immediately begin to deter those ants. Find and remove the food source and spray the ants with soapy water or vinegar. This will get rid of the scent that is allowing them to find their way to the food.
While spraying ants and ant trails can stop your current issue, it won’t get rid of the problem or keep ants from doing this again. Controlling ants and eradicating ant nests is a complex process best accomplished by a professional technician. Improper pest control can be dangerous to families and pets and can cause the problem to become worse by splitting a colony into two – thus, doubling the infestation.
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