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Ants are fascinating insects that have attracted the attention of children and adults alike. One of their most notable characteristics is their ability to walk in straight lines over long distances.

Perhaps you have asked the question, “Why do ants walk in a line?” as you watch marching ants in a line across the sidewalk or on the floor of your home. The answer is simpler than you might think.

Social Insects

To understand why you often see ants in a line formation, you first need to understand that ants are very social creatures. Ants live in colonies with millions of other ants working in unison as a team.

For the colony to survive, ants need to have good communication skills. The primary way that ants communicate with one another is through pheromones, or chemical scents.

Pheromone Paths

When a worker ant leaves the colony in order to forage for food, they will leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to follow. Once said worker ant finds food and begins to bring it back to the colony, it will lay down another layer of pheromones along the same path which will attract others.

Each species of ant can have up to 20 different pheromones that serve different purposes. Each ant pheromone will smell different, so they can easily discern which paths lead to food and which lead to predators.

Dangers of Ants

While it may be fascinating to watch ants walk in straight lines, the mere presence of these pests means you have a problem on your hands that can quickly grow out of control.

Due to their pheromone trails, ants can quickly find where you store your food, attracting thousands more, which can easily contaminate your food and spread disease among your family members. Some species of ants can cause property damage or will even attack humans.

Viking Pest Control

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