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What to Do When You Have Birds in Your Vents

What to Do When You Have Birds in Your Vents

There are around 200 to 400 billion birds on this planet. 

We see them pecking for food on the ground in large cities, and we might catch a glimpse of them sitting in the trees by our home. Many people enjoy birdwatching, and some people even invite them near the home with birdfeeders. 

Unfortunately, some birds cross the line. They can get into the vents of your home and build nests. 

What do you do in this situation? Here is a quick guide on how to take action. 

How Can You Tell?

Unfortunately, not all of us have bird-proof vents so if you're hearing strange rustling or clacking noises, it could be birds. Take a bit to listen for them!

Check to see if there's been any sign of bird droppings or see if you can find any random debris that's fallen out of the vents. This can include small sticks and leaves. They might be materials the birds are using to build a nest.  

How Can I Remove Birds From My Vents?

The safest and most efficient way to remove pest birds from vents is to call in your local bird control experts at Viking Pest Control. Bird control experts, like Viking Pest Control, will be able to recognize the signs of pest bird activity and take the appropriate action to remove the pest birds in a humane way. Viking Pest Control has over 40 years of experience within the bird control industry solving customer’s concerns and creating environments free from pest birds. Our local experts recommend checking your vents regularly to ensure that no pest birds have begun nesting. If you notice signs of pest birds at your home or small business give Viking Pest Control a call and our team will happily come out to remove the pest birds and keep your space protected.

What Happens When I Have Birds in My Vents?

Birds are beautiful, except when they are causing havoc in your home or small business’ vents. When pest birds get into vents, they pose a danger to you, and any visitors you may have. When birds are creating their nests, they use material such as twigs, leaves, and feathers. One of the dangers associated with birds nesting in your vents is that nesting material is typically flammable and has the potential to cause a fire. If you own a small business or residential property, the main function of vents is to be used to dispel exhaust and prevent fan motors from overheating. This is where pest bird nests become a problem, not only are the nests blocking vents from functioning as needed, but they are adding flammable material to an area that is already prone to overheating. Another concern with pest birds nesting in your vents is human exposure to inhalation of unsafe fungal spores that are found within pest bird droppings. When pest birds nest in vents their droppings may become airborne in your home or business and pose a risk of human infection. If you suspect you have pest birds nesting in any of your vents, call the bird control experts at Viking Pest Control to keep your home or small business protected.

Quick! There Are Birds in Your Vents!

Do you have birds living in your vents? You must act quickly to have them removed. 

Call in your local bird control experts at Viking Pest Control to humanely rid your property of pest birds and maintain the proper controls to remain pest bird free.

Call Viking today at 800-618-2847 or fill out the form to receive your fast, FREE quote and protect your property from the dangers of pest birds.

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