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What Pests and Insects are Active During the Fall

What Pests and Insects are Active During the Fall

The onset of fall signals a fresh start and new beginnings. It's a season of back to school and holidays.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of fall insects that can make this time of year a little disheartening. Before the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, we're taking a look at the pests to watch out for. We'll also share the steps to take to make sure your home is pest-free when autumn does roll around!

Fall Insects to Know

When it comes to identifying insects in the fall, it pays to know what you're looking for. 

The following insects tend to be more present in slightly cooler temperatures:

These insects prefer the cool temperatures and darker days that the fall season provides. Thus, while they're still active during the summer, you might notice them more later in the year. 

How to Notice These Pests

Now that you know the most common fall insects, let's take a look at a few telltale signs that your home might have fallen prey to an infestation. 

Stink Bugs

The first sign of stink bugs on your property will usually be dead or damaged plants. These are plant-feeding insects that have no problem munching on your pristine landscaping. Then, as fall arrives, they'll move indoors to seek shelter and warmth as they overwinter. 

Once they're inside, you might notice bug trails, live or dead bugs, and of course, that signature scent!

Cluster Flies

Also known as grass flies or attic flies, cluster flies are a common autumn nuisance. You'll usually spot them around your doorframes and windows, though they're known to congregate in other warm, dark spaces, such as your electrical outlets or under your eaves. 


Ladybugs might be adorable, but not when they're invading your home. You can spot their activity by looking in the areas where they usually congregate, which include your ceilings, window panes, door jams, and cracks in your siding. 

Ladybugs are also known to crawl behind walls and can even enter your home's foundation. 

Mice and Rats

Both rats and mice are nocturnal creatures. That means they're the most active at night when they come out of hiding to feed. Some of the common signs of a rodent infestation in your home include:

  • Droppings
  • Urine trails
  • Tracks in the dust
  • Scratches and gnaw marks
  • Greasy rub marks
  • Nests
  • Squeaky noises

Any or all of these signs might be present when there's a mouse or rat taking up residence in your home!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the most notoriously difficult pests around, inflicting both physical and psychological anguish. In addition to actually seeing the bed bugs themselves, you can also identify their presence by looking for the blood and dark fecal stains they leave on bedding and other affected surfaces.

In addition, bed bugs also emit a musky scent that can be easily detected, especially in areas of heavy infestations. 


Families of ticks can group together in a variety of places in and outside of your home.

Outdoors, they're usually found in wooded or brushy areas. Once they attach themselves to a host, they can come indoors and continue to breed. When this happens, it's difficult to find their tiny eggs, though you'll begin to notice their presence on your family members. 

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Control and Eliminate These Fall Insects

You don't have to dread the fall! You can look forward to this season when you hire a professional exterminator like Viking Pest to treat your yard and home. Our team is well-versed on these popular fall insects and knows exactly how to safely eliminate them and keep them at bay.

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