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What is the Cost of Pest Control in 2020

What is the Cost of Pest Control in 2020

Pennsylvania is the number one state for Lyme disease cases. Maryland ranks eighth on that list. 

And Philadelphia ranks eighth on a list of cities with the biggest mosquito problem. Pest infestations are not only annoying, in many cases, but they're also a hazard to our health, infrastructure and/or crops. 

It's a smart idea to implement a pest control maintenance program for your home or business. In fact, doing so can help you save a lot of time and money. 

We want to help you make the cost of pest control part of your budget. Keep reading to learn the average pest control costs for 2020. 

Why You Need Pest Control Services

An infestation is never a good sign. Whether it's insects or rodents, they can do a considerable amount of damage.

Some insects are wood-boring such as termites. Left uncontrolled, it will cost between $340 and $750 to make basic repairs

Rats and mice are known to chew through electrical wires and walls. Spotted lanternflies have already destroyed billions of dollars worth of crops in Pennsylvania and are quickly spreading to neighboring states. 

Stings, Bites, and Diseases

Some insects can sting or bite. Those bites and stings can range from slightly painful to deadly. 

Household pests can also carry diseases. Cockroaches carry salmonella. Mice and rats carry the Hantavirus. 

If that's not enough, some bugs leave eggs and feces in your food. Those with young children or pets also have to worry about encounters with dangerous insects such as the recluse spider. 

The Cost of Pest Control

How much does an exterminator cost? It depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • Geographical location
  • Type of pest
  • Size of Infestation
  • Size of home
  • Frequency of services rendered

Some pests are harder to spot and eliminate. And not all methods work immediately. 

To properly destroy an ant colony, you must first treat the workers with a special pest material and then wait until they bring the material back to their colony. That can take up to three weeks. 

Frequency of Services Rendered

As a homeowner, you know that the more cluttered your house gets, the longer it will take to get it organized. The same concept is true with pest control.

The less often you have your property serviced and maintained by a professional exterminator, the higher the cost to remove unwanted pests will be. 

When you contact a pest control service, many provide a free estimate. Here at Viking Pest, our pest management professionals can provide estimates for a one-time service or for our yearly home protection plans which provide preventative pest treatments year-round. 

One-Time Services

One-time pest control services vary depending on the pest concern. Pest control for an ant colony will cost you less than pest control for a bed bug infestation. Pricing for one-time services is dependent on the treatment required, the severity of the pest concern, and how often the area must be treated to eliminate the pest.

Yearly Home Protection Plans

Viking Pest offers 3 tiers of home protection plans that are friendly to all budgets. If you desire coverage for common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, and wasps there is a Convenience Plan perfect for you. If you desire the most pest protection including wood-destroying insects like termites, and carpenter bees along with protection from bed bugs, Viking's SMART Premier will keep your NJ, PA, DE, or MD home covered. 

Pests That Require Ongoing Treatments

Some pests only require one or two treatments before they're effectively eliminated from your home. With squirrels and raccoons, removing food sources and blocking access to their nests usually does the trick.

Pest control experts at Viking Pest explain others can continue being a nuisance for years to come and require ongoing treatments such as:

Even taking precautions and rigorously maintaining a spotless home can't prevent some visitors from taking up residence. 

Pests and the Climate

Where you live will dictate which pests you'll have to deal with. And the weather can definitely cause certain pests to seek out your home or property.

Warm, dry areas mean pests seek shade and cooler places like your basement to live. Warm, humid areas mean wood-boring insects who love wood. 

Cold climates attract earwigs and cockroaches. 

DIY Pest Control Tips

Many pests like ants are attracted to our food. Store dry items in plastic storage containers to prevent insects from eating the food or laying eggs. 

Vacuum your floor regularly to remove any food that may have dropped on the floor. 

Remove any sources of standing water. Fix all leaks. 

Eliminate Debris and Seal Up Cracks 

Keep both the inside and outside of your home free of debris. It will help prevent attracting the wrong pests and there are fewer spaces for infestations to hide. 

Seal up your home. Make sure to seal up any cracks, holes, and gaps. 

Invest in a Periodic Maintenance Plan

While it's easy enough to keep a home clean, it's not always easy to know you've got an infestation. Often, they're found after the damage is done. 

And that gets costly. 

Safe Treatments

Investing in a periodic maintenance plan means you have trusted professionals who know where to look for signs of an infestation. They can also accurately diagnose which pest is causing your problem.

Some pests look similar to others. But there are specific treatment plans for each type of pest. And pest control experts, like Viking Pest, can administer the treatment quickly and effectively. 

Viking Pest is Your Best Choice in Pest Control

Viking Pest's mission is to provide effective, and cost-effective pest control treatments for all budgets.

That's why we want to help you save money offering coupons for our most popular pest control services. Investing in a periodic maintenance plan with us can help you save on costs and give you peace of mind. 

Viking Pest is your local pest control experts. Contact us today for a free estimate at 1-800-618-2847, or request a fast, free estimate online!

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