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Anticimex SMART. Now avaliable for residential.

Anticimex SMART. Now avaliable for residential.

Viking Pest Control, An Anticimex Company, Releases Anticimex SMART Technology for Residential Clients

Viking Pest Control introduces the future of pest control to North America


Viking Pest Control - March 6, 2020 – Anticimex SMART is not just a mousetrap, it’s a system. An intelligent, electronic, mouse control system unlike anything currently on the market in the United States.

Our system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing you with continuous peace of mind. By constantly monitoring, it prevents costly infestations in an eco-friendly way. Our SMART technology tracks pest activity in real-time so we’ll know before you do.

Anticimex SMART environmentally friendly pest control devices use heat and motion sensors to track activity and catch rodents without the use of toxic baits. Each type of device is engineered to prevent infiltrations with around-the-clock monitoring and control. Our SMART devices speak to each other via the built-in cellular network technology, sending critical information regarding the activity and catch to a central data hub and to your pest professional so there is no need to contact us.

Mikael Vinje, President of Anticimex North America, commented, “I’m excited to expand Anticimex SMART technology to North America and to Viking Pest Control. Anticimex SMART technology might be new to the United States, but it’s a tried-and-true rodent control solution around the world.”

Paul Bergmann, President of Viking Pest Control, said, “I’m thrilled to add Anticimex SMART technology to Viking Pest’s traditional pest control services. By adding Anticimex SMART to their homes or to their traditional pest control, our clients will be some of the first in the nation taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology.”

Brian Alexson, Anticimex North America Director of Business Development, Corporate Sales and SMART, commented, “Our SMART systems have been installed worldwide with countless successful testimonials. The proprietary Anticimex SMART technology is used exclusively by Anticimex companies in the United States.”

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