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Trelona FAQ

Trelona FAQ

Viking Pest Control proudly offers Trelona Bait Stations to our customers to help exterminate termites in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  This product is an efficient, family-friendly, and low environmental impact method of getting rid of termites.

Q. How much damage do termites do?

Termites cause more than 5 billion dollars in damage in the United States annually. That’s billion with a “b.” Termites prefer the moisture-rich soil typically found in the home’s foundation, where damage is especially difficult and expensive to repair. The sooner a termite infestation is discovered and treated, the less damage it can cause.

How do I know I have a termite problem?

The best way to check for a termite problem is a thorough examination from a pest control professional. Viking recommends and offers annual termite inspections, but in the absence of a technician, here are some early warning signs that your home might be infested:

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  • Termite swarming – While there are often as many as a million individual insects in a termite nest, Winged termites are usually the only termites you’ll see above ground. Because of their swarming behavior, they are known as “termite swarmers.” This activity usually occurs during daylight hours or early in the evening and occurs more frequently after rain showers.
  • Wing Deposits - Termites swarmers shed their wings and you may find wing deposits along walls or window sills.
  • Mud Tubes - Termites travel through distinctive mud tubes which usually appear near the foundation. Often, they appear in cracks or crevices in your walls, but free-standing mud tubes exist and can typically be seen in crawlspaces under your house. Mud tubes have been found in all sorts of materials including wood, brick, concrete, and even metal window screens.
  • Visual Evidence of Termite Damage – This should be one of the most unmistakable signs you have an infestation, but be careful before jumping to conclusions as there are many different types of wood-destroying insects. It’s advisable to take pictures and forward them to Viking before we come out for a termite inspection.


How does Trelona Termite Treatment Work?


Trelona utilizes a series of small termite bait stations that are placed in the ground around your home. The bait contains specially formulated pheromones that are more attractive to termites than the cellulose found in wood. The bait has a special property that prevents molting, an essential part of the termites’ life cycle. Once termites begin eating the bait, they spread it through the colony, attracting other termites to the bait stations. Eventually, the spread of the bait to the colony leads to its ultimate collapse.

How long does it take for a Bait Station to start working?

Typically, termites find the bait stations within eight days of installation.

What happens if they run out of bait?

Trelona bait stations are equipped with enough bait to last several years, but are refilled as necessary during annual maintenance visits from your Viking Pest Control technician.

Won’t the bait stations be an eyesore around my house?

The bait stations are almost entirely underground and will seamlessly blend in with your yard. Their low-profile design also prevents damage from lawnmower blades and won’t interfere with routine lawn maintenance.

Is Trelona safe for kids and pets?

Trelona bait stations are designed with family safety in mind and have a trademarked “Quik-Lock” cap designed to keep even the most curious of pets and children out.

Is Trelona safe for the environment?

Trelona is carefully designed to have a low environmental impact.

How do I get Trelona?

Call Viking Pest Control at 888-489-4617  or request a free termite extermination quote on the Viking website.

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