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In a perfect world, if bed bugs did find their way into your home, it would be a quick fix. But the fact is, bed bug infestations are very complex, time consuming, and they are not a good idea to tackle on your own. For residents in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland trying to get rid of bed bugs without the pros, read on to discover the 3 most common mistakes with do-it-yourself bed bug treatments from your local pest control experts at Viking Pest Control. You could be in for a lot more work than you ever imagined if you’re trying to take on bed bugs alone.

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Mistake #1: You are only inspecting your mattress

Contrary to their name, bed bugs will infest a lot more than just your bed. They are only ever on your bed because they are looking to feed on your blood. But during the day or when there is no sign of human blood, bed bugs can live in many other places. You should inspect your headboard, night stands, the cracks and crevices near your bed, under carpet, behind hanging art work, in electrical outlets, or any other hidden, dark places.

Mistake #2: Mixing chemicals and pesticides

Often times the sprays and other store bought pesticides that prove to kill pests are not a safe idea. By the improper use of these chemicals, you could make yourself and your family members ill. It is easy to misuse these chemicals by using too much, using it in the wrong place, and not properly ventilating your home when applying. Pesticides, especially used to treat for bed bugs are best left to the pros.

Mistake #3: Inspecting during the day and not finding anything

If you have been searching for bed bugs during the day it is likely that you are coming up with nothing. But this does not mean that you are in the clear. Bed bugs are nighttime feeders, which means they are probably well hidden during the day. They only come out at night when they can sense human’s carbon dioxide and then they make their moves. The best time to search is at night and using a flashlight to illuminate their hiding places. As mentioned before you will want to look all over the room, not just on your bed.

If you do spot any signs of bed bugs: dark blood spots, skins shed from molting, or live bugs themselves, contact your local professional pest control professionals at Viking Pest Control right away. Infestations can spread fast and cause you a lot of stress and anxiety. Do not attempt the at home methods as they are likely to only make the problem harder to solve in the end. Contact the bed bug experts at Viking Pest Control for any questions or to schedule your NJ, PA, MD, or DE home inspection today.

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