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Watch out for pests when you unpack your Christmas decorations this holiday season!

Time to head up to the attic or out to the garage and see if you can find all of your holiday decorations for the season. If you are like many then your decorations are probably stored in barely intact cardboard boxes, you know the same ones you have been using for years. And while it may have seemed like a good idea last year, cardboard or other open lid containers could have caused pests to take refuge in your holiday decorations throughout the year.

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How Can I Protect My Home From Pest During the Holidays?

There’s nothing worse than a spider crawling out of the garland, silverfish scattering across the ornaments, or a mouse chewing on your lights. But all of these scenarios are very realistic if you did not properly store your decorations from last year. Your local pest control experts at Viking Pest Control would like to share some tips for homeowners as they are getting the home decorated for the holidays to avoid pest problems.

  • Bring the boxes outside if possible so that you can inspect them for pests away from your home.
  • Check through the boxes and decorations for any damages and discard those decorations.
  • Also look for signs of pests like webs from spiders, droppings from rodents or any dead insects as this is an indication of an infestation.
  • Be sure that you have gotten rid of any pests before bringing the decorations into the home.
  • Toss the torn apart boxes and purchase large plastic bins with lids for decoration storing when the holidays are over.
  • If your family cuts down a tree early then make sure that you thoroughly inspect the tree for any critters before it comes inside. And once the tree warms up, keep looking because some pests take some time to thaw out.

Remember, not only are pests a scary and gross sight, they also can pose threats to the health and safety of you, your family and your home. Structural damages, spread of disease, contamination of food, bites, and fire hazards are all possible threats caused by the pests that may be in your holiday decorations.

If you did find any signs of mice or silverfish, spiders or other pests, then you very well could have a bigger infestation than you may realize. After all, these pests have had almost a year to take over your storage space and boxes. But no matter how severe the pest infestation may be, if you contact your local extermination experts at Viking Pest Control, our technicians will be able to quickly and safely get rid of holiday pests and their threats in your home. We provide service throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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