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Tick and Mosquito Diseases: You Need a Game Plan for This Summer

Tick and Mosquito Diseases: You Need a Game Plan for This Summer

Ticks and mosquitos are among the most hated and feared backyard pests -- and for good reason.
Both are among the foremost carriers of dangerous diseases.

Because of their facility for spreading disease, Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world. They
are estimated to kill around 725,000 people each year and sicken millions more. Ticks also transmit a
wide variety of diseases, many of which pose significant and even fatal health risks. It’s estimated that as
many as 14% of the people in the world have been infected with Lyme Disease, which is passed along by
Black-Legged Ticks (also known as Deer Ticks).

But how can you keep mosquitos and ticks away from your home? A tick and mosquito pest control maybe the best option. Read on to find out how a mosquito and tick exterminator can help you keep your
yard secure.

mosquitos cause west nile virus

The Danger of Mosquitos
Most people are aware of the obvious annoyance posed by mosquitoes. They bite you and leave you
with an itchy bite mark. A single bite can be incredibly annoying on its own, but there is always the
possibility that you will end the day with mosquito bites all along your arms and legs.

However, these bites aren’t the full extent of the problem posed by mosquitoes. As mentioned earlier,
mosquitos carry various diseases, many of which pose a severe risk to human health. These diseases
include West Nile virus, Dengue fever, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika virus, and more.

Fortunately, most of these diseases are only found in foreign locations. However, there have been more than a few
occasions when these diseases have made their way to the US. This means that the chance of an
outbreak is always present.

In addition, the mosquito population is also on the rise. This increase in mosquitos means more
opportunities for mosquitoes to infect people with diseases. As you can probably see, this is a dangerous
cycle. Stopping mosquitoes at their source is the best method of mosquito control.

Lyme Disease In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland

The Danger of Ticks

Ticks also pose an obvious health risk. They attach themselves to you, bite you, and suck your blood until
they are engorged. Just thinking about this process makes one feel a little sick.

However, ticks also carry diseases that spread as they suck your blood. These include Lyme disease,
Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, and deer tick virus. Many of these diseases cause health
problems with long-term effects.

For example, Lyme disease can leave you with Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. This syndrome
may leave you experiencing pain, fatigue, or even difficulty thinking. There is also no proven treatment
for PTLDS, which means you may be dealing with it for months.

Unfortunately, like with mosquitoes, the number of ticks out there is growing. This also means that the
diseases caused by ticks are on the rise in many states across the Eastern United States. With disease
and sickness on the rise, staying safe is more important than ever.

Types of Extermination Services

While picking your exterminator, it is important to consider the different services available.
Sometimes, people schedule a single extermination service. This usually involves having a pest control
company come to the house and work on the area for a day or two. This immediately addresses the
problem for a while.

However, the season for mosquitoes and ticks is long. So, creating a regular schedule of treatments can
help protect you for an extended period of time. This addresses problems as they arise and prevents
mosquitoes and ticks from ever having a chance to settle into your home.

For example, Viking Pest Control offers a yard guard service that involves regularly scheduled
treatments. You should also consider a service that will help with preventative steps against mosquitoes
and ticks. This will keep the pest population from growing in the first place.
Getting a Tick and Mosquito Exterminator

Now more than ever, protection from ticks and mosquitoes is essential. Because of this, hiring a tick and
mosquito exterminator can be an essential part of keeping your summer happy and healthy. Doing this
can allow you to enjoy your yard better than before.

If you are looking for a tick and mosquito exterminator in New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania,
or the Eastern Shore of Maryland, consider a free estimate from Viking Pest Control

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