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The Importance of Pest Management on Closed or Vacant Properties

The Importance of Pest Management on Closed or Vacant Properties

Coronavirus has led to trying times for many people.  Those not deemed essential may have closed business locations in order to comply with state and federal requirements.  Now more than ever it is important that you understand the risks associated with pests in vacated locations, the potential health effects they may cause and the increased costs that may be incurred due to a lack of professional pest management. To keep your business in a healthy and safe condition when it comes time to re-open it is important to maintain regular pest control service.

Rats, mice, cockroaches and flies are all classified as public health pests due to their ability to spread pathogens.  Some examples of diseases spread by pests include murine typhus, salmonella, dysentery, Hanta virus, Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitus (LCM), histoplasmosis, crytptcocus, ricketsialpox, Bacillus cereus, and bubenosis to name just a few. 

Now more than ever consumers are aware of the role animals play as reservoirs for disease.  Recently Hanta Virus became an international news story.  This illness is spread by some species of mice which are native to our area. 

These public health pests are cryptic by nature preferring to hide in places people are not.  This normally means in suspended ceilings, beneath refrigerators, wall voids and other hidden spaces within occupied dwellings.  They may proliferate in occupied spaces living on very small amounts of food and water.  Mice require fractions of an ounce of food per day.  Cockroaches can easily survive off starches found in wallpaper paste and find enough water in a sink drain.  Flies can rapidly reproduce on items left in a single trash container that has not been properly disposed of. 

The reproductive potential of these pests is quite high.  Flies and cockroaches under ideal conditions can reach the thousands in very short periods of time.  Mice have the reproductive capacity to number into the hundreds in several months’ time if given enough food and shelter as they require very little water. 

Unchecked, these pests may lead to increased costs associated with lost product, time spent cleaning, citations/closures form health officials, and lingering damage to brand image.   

We urge you to please speak with your Viking Pest Control representative to determine the best course of action to help you through these challenging times.  We can evaluate your current program and recommend an appropriate inspection and treatment program to ensure you are able to best protect that which matters to you.

Anticimex SMART Solution

Viking Pest offers SMART digital rodent control.  Our SMART system takes the guesswork out of pest control, monitoring rodent activity 24/7 with real-time alerts to our central office whenever movement occurs.  Before installation, we fully inspect your site, including examining blueprints and designs when available. This helps us determine weaknesses and establish points for monitoring and evaluation. Based on our inspection, our team designs a plan customized to your business and to your potential pest problems. Learn more about SMART or call today to schedule your free inspection 1-800-618-2847.

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