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The Importance of Continuous Pest Control for Food Processing Plants

The Importance of Continuous Pest Control for Food Processing Plants

Pests like cockroaches and rats are the bane of every food processing plant operator. Rats alone cause diseases like leptospirosis and plague, which can land your company in hot water if found in your food products. This is why many plant operators call an exterminator the minute they see evidence of an infestation.

Unfortunately, responding to signs of an infestation is simply not enough to keep your plant clean and sanitary. Read on to learn about the importance of continuous food processing plant pest control.

Breeding Sites Reappear

One major way that food processing plant operators control infestations is by removing breeding sites.

Nature, however, will always find a way to keep pests alive and well in your plant. A good rain can leave roof puddles which make an excellent breeding site for a variety of insects. Before you know it, your plant is completely infested and you're calling in an exterminator to do damage control.

The only way to keep pests out of your food processing plant on a long-term basis is through continuous pest treatments. Pest control professionals, like Viking Pest, can identify potential breeding sites for insects and remove them long before they get out of control and infest your plant.

Rodents Always Find New Places to Live

Like insects, rodents are always looking for new places to hide away and proliferate. Rodents prefer to hide out in old pallets or equipment that has been left sitting for a while. Unfortunately, rodents do a good job of hiding out, and it can take a trained eye and special equipment to identify an infestation.

Pest management companies, such as Viking Pest Control, know exactly what to look for when checking for rodent infestations. Common signs include droppings, gnawing sounds, and tracks in dusty areas.

Viking offers SMART digital pest control to monitor and prevent rodents before they become an infestation. SMART is a 24/7 monitoring system, meaning your facility will be actively monitored for 525,600 minutes per year!



Being Proactive Is Better Than Being Reactive

The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially relevant in the context of food processing plants and pest infestation control.

You may not notice an infestation until it is out of control. This can mean shutting down operations while the infestation is dealt with and tossing tons of food products. If word gets out about the infestation, it can also result in a lot of bad PR for your plant.

Being proactive about preventing infestations helps keep your plant operating without interruption. It also helps make your customers feel comfortable with your processing methods. 

Need Help with Pest Control for your Facility?

Plant managers take pride in operating clean and sanitary food processing plants. The truth is, one-off pest control service is simply not enough. If you want to take that pride to the next level, then continuous pest control is what you need to do to stop existing infestations and prevent them from coming back. 

At Viking it is our goal to keep your facility pest free and remove all pest related worry off of your shoulders.  For this reason our team has an audited account inspection list to make sure that we check off all elements to have your facility pass any pest audit without worry.  

Looking to keep your food processing plant pest-free all year long? That's what we're here for! Give us a call today at 800-618-2847 to learn more about our audited account checklist, and how we can protect your facility or schedule your free site evaluation today!

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