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SMART Rodent Control in Somerset County New Jersey

SMART Rodent Control in Somerset County New Jersey

Rodent control is an essential service for Somerset County, NJ. Rat problems have reached crisis points in some Somerset communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and haven't seen much improvement since. Fortunately, there are advances in pest control technology that make such problems easier to handle. Anticimex SMART Rodent Protection from Viking Pest combines technological savvy with an environmentally sustainable approach for mice and rat control in Somerset County, NJ. 


There is little more disturbing than knowing that rodents are breeding in your home, business or community. Rats adapt fast, breed quickly, and eat almost anything - from plastic to clothes, even metal if their teeth can sink into it. 

Fall is now in full swing. Temperatures will continue dropping in preparation for winter when most rodents seek warmth indoors. Without a proper plan, mice and rat infestations can become virtually impossible to control.

All rats need is one place where they can breed and spread. If one house becomes infested, there can be a ripple effect on other homes in the neighborhood.


Why You Need A Long-Term Solution for A Severe Rodent Infestation

Undomesticated rats and mice can inhabit the same ecosystem as humans but should be kept far away from homes and businesses. They belong in the wild, where survival of the fittest controls their numbers, maintaining an ecological balance.

When rodents get cozy with humans, they can easily become a problem because of their:

Breeding Characteristics

SMART Mice control somerset county nj

Rats' ability to reproduce is the main reason rodent control is a big challenge in most urban and suburban settings.

One female rat produces anywhere from 9 to 12 pups in a single pregnancy. These pups can reach sexual maturity after only three months. Mature female rats can give birth every 3 to 5 weeks.

Rats can become pregnant as soon as one day after giving birth. Ready access to food in your home boosts this ability significantly.

Omnivorous Appetites

Rats and mice can eat virtually anything, and your home has plenty of potential food sources - from the sewers to the kitchen cabinet.  Their bodies retain plenty of nutrients from tiny food and non-food substances. You can tell from their hard droppings that they digest almost everything they ingest. For that reason, sealing your foods with plastic containers or pot lids becomes a weak deterrent at best. 

Quick Adaptation

Rat and mice control also gets tricky because of the rodents' ability to adapt to virtually any environment. They can climb quickly, squeeze through the tiniest of spaces, and easily find warm, comfortable hiding places.

They are also extremely opportunistic, changing their behaviors to function around common and predictable human activities, easily avoiding observation and capture. 

Potential to Spread Disease

Rat infestations can be hazardous to human health. They spread disease through direct contact and contamination from their droppings and urine. People can also develop allergies to their fecal matter, dander, and shed hair rats leave behind.

Rats are known to cause around 35 types of diseases. Some come through their skin, bites, and saliva. They should not inhabit the same space as humans; they belong in the wild.

Why the SMART Mice and Rat Control is Beneficial for Somerset County, NJ

A mouse and rat infestation in Somerset County is a significant challenge with traditional approaches to rodent control. 

Viking Pest's SMART Cities mice and rat control product works as the name suggests. Our device incorporates technological innovation and environmental-friendly techniques to control pests at a communal level - both above and below ground.


Monitors Your Home 24/7

Our SMART Home Rodent Protection product has two operating units - the SMART Connect Minis, which functions as the communication portion of the device, and the SMART Eye Minis, the rodent sensor. The SMART system does not require direct contact from rodents to activate.

SMART devices eliminate the need for guesswork in finding rodent nests because of their tracking efficiency. You can find out the rodent's points of entry and activity patterns without continual observation on your part or repeated visits from a pest technician.

The SMART  sensors convey rodent activity data to our control center 24/7 without taxing your home or office WiFi. 

Viking Handles the Rodent Control On Your Behalf

Once the information reaches our offices, we come prepared to eliminate your rodent infestation using the data from SMART devices. 

Viking Pest Control is staffed by genuine rodent experts. Our processes are safe, fast, and efficient. We focus on providing family-friendly and sustainable pest control solutions.

We understand the despair of eliminating rats from your home only to have others invade from the outside. A collaborative effort is the best approach to eradicating pests in a wide area. Our resources are enough to accommodate every community in Somerset County, NJ.

Call Us Today For Mice and Rat Control

At Viking, we have the expertise and experience in pest elimination. We also have the resources necessary to eliminate pests in densely and sparely populated areas. Contact us today to get a quote on our services.

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