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Innovative Way to Protect Your Business from Pests

Innovative Way to Protect Your Business from Pests

SMART Pest Control: The Most Innovative Way to Protect Your Business from Pests

In the US, pest infestations cost businesses $6.8 billion in operating costs. Not only can they disrupt business, but in industries such as food services, pests can also make the environment unsafe. Not to mention, if your customers get wind of your infestation, it can ruin your hard-earned reputation too.

The problem is, you can take all the proper precautions possible, but pests will still find their way in. To combat this, consider getting SMART pest control.

In this blog, we'll discuss why SMART pest control is the most innovative way to protect your business.

What Is SMART Pest Control?

SMART pest control is a pest control system that utilizes advanced technology to monitor your property. It consists of sensors and non-toxic traps.

Viking doesn't just solely rely on this technology to keep pests away. We'll also study the layout of your business and interview you and your staff to figure out what the main problems and weaknesses are.

Since the sensors and traps are connected to our SMART data hub, we are constantly fed data on how things are going at your property. That way, we can assess and tweak our strategy if needed.

Benefits of Using SMART Pest Control

Using SMART pest control in your commercial business can provide many benefits. Below are the main ones you can get with this pest control system.

You get 24/7 Monitoring

With traditional pest control solutions, exterminators only come at pre-planned checks or when called. Even if you have monthly inspections, there are still 29 other days where pests can potentially roam free in your place of business. That's 29 days for them to breed and multiply.

SMART pest control allows for round-the-clock surveillance. This means if you have any pest issues, Viking will know immediately. The system automatically logs when there is activity so you never miss anything.
Traps are deployed promptly so rodents are isolated to prevent a growth in population.

Get "Smart" Pest Control

SMART pest control is, well, smart. Remember how the system automatically logs all activity?
It can then use this information to perform predictive pest control, something the majority of other companies do not offer. That way, traps are set up in the places the system believes pests are most likely to be.

And if the pest control system receives more information that doesn't support that setup, then the traps can be relocated.

It Saves Your Business Money

Having 24/7 monitoring means as soon as one mouse shows up, Viking can shut down the infestation before it even starts. Obviously, dealing with one mouse is a lot easier than dealing with 100.

It Detects Pests in Your Property's Blind Spots

Having SMART pest control means more thoroughness. While other pest control companies can comb your property for possible hiding spaces, there is still a chance they will miss some.

The SMART pest control system places sensors around your business, so if there are any hidden spots with pests, they'll detect them. Once a problem area is identified, we can then install traps there.

Get Peace of Mind for Your Business

Knowing that a reputable and professional pest control company has their eye on your business 24/7 can relieve a considerable amount of stress. You can count on us to provide traps that are compliant with laws and regulations, taking the burden off of you.

You can also rely on us to be proactive. You won't have to worry about scheduling physical inspections since we'll take care of that. We'll only book them as necessary.

Should there be any activity on your SMART pest control system, you won't have to lift a finger. We'll receive the reports and will contact you to make an appointment for extermination services.

Protect Your Commercial Business with SMART Pest Control

With an investment in SMART pest control now, you will see it pay off for years to come. With its advanced technology and always-on features, you'll be able to take care of issues before they develop into more serious and expensive ones.

Trust in Viking and Anticimex to provide you with a pest control system that'll keep you, your customers, and your property safe and free from pests.

Call us today or request a FREE inspection online. With Viking, one call gets them all!

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