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SMART Digital Rodent Control for Your Commercial Property

SMART Digital Rodent Control for Your Commercial Property

Protect Your Business With SMART Digital Pest Control

The Smart device trend is making its way into many different aspects of life. Why not upgrade your pest prevention methods with a new type of smart device? Stay ahead of rodents with Anticimex SMART digital pest control.  SMART keeps an eye on your business’ pest activity 24/7 to predict and prevent rodents before the problem becomes an infestation.

We want to help you create a pest remediation protocol that both prevents and eliminates unwanted pests from your property. Read on to learn more. 

The SMART Pest Control System

The SMART Pest Control System works by combining digital automation with professional expertise. This includes. an infrared sensor that monitors for rodent activity 24/7 and a master control box wirelessly connected to traps and sensors

Your pest control professionals at Viking Pest receive the wireless messages sent by the traps and sensors. With this data, Viking is able to track and monitor rodent activity. 

Traps are Strategically Placed 

After assessing your business, Viking’s team of professionals will place traps in any area with significant rodent activity, and any area suspected to be a point of entry.

Digitally Connected Information

The SMART box provides around-the-clock reports of any rodent activity. Using the latest information, the Viking team can re-evaluate trap placement and make any necessary adjustments.

SMART Pest Control Equipment

Anticimex SMART Pest Control technology is cutting-edge. Each piece is specifically designed with your pest control needs in mind.  

24/7 Monitoring

Every time a rodent passes the infrared sensors on our SMART equipment the sensors send a report back to the master control box. The SMART pest control professionals at Viking Pest review and evaluate these reports to ensure you're receiving the best possible rodent control. 


Sewage pipes are an easy way for rodents to gain easy access to your commercial property. The SMART Pipe helps prevent rodents from gaining entry to your business in this way. 

The SMART Pipe is designed to be strategically placed in the areas where sewage pipes intersect. Whenever the trap senses movement or rodent heat signatures, the trap activates automatically and swiftly eliminates the rodent. The trap then resets and is ready for use immediately. 

How the Set-Up Process Works

Once you decide to use SMART Rodent Control, your extermination service professionals at Viking Pest will schedule an appointment to evaluate your business. Viking will inspect your property and then review documentation such as designs and blueprints to provide you with a custom solution for your individual needs.

Install and Connect

The next step is to install your state-of-the-art, multi-purpose SMART system around areas with high rodent activity. Viking’s team will set up and install your SMART solution and connect the system to start recording data. 

Ongoing Service

Once everything is installed and connected, your pest control professional team at Viking Pest will be surveilling and testing your service. When the need arises, our team is able to proactively come out to your business to provide you with a physical inspection.

A physical inspection includes emptying traps, further analysis, and if need be, traps are relocated to where higher levels of rodent activity are. 

Benefits of the SMART Pest Control Solution

Our SMART pest control system offers several benefits not available through traditional pest control methods. Some of these benefits include:

  • Actively sending information even if there's no activity
  • Providing unique traps specifically designed to be placed in locations rodents frequent
  • Providing 24/7 rodent activity data to the Viking team for proactive pest monitoring
Save Money and Stay Healthy

SMART reduces and prevents damage caused by rodent infestations. That translates to savings for your business. 

It also translates into peace of mind. Rodents carry disease making it a serious health hazard to have an infestation. 

Invest in the SMART Pest Control System

SMART is the perfect system for your business.  SMART monitors all rodent activity and the Viking team does the rest while you enjoy a pest-free business!  

Now is the right time to put SMART preventative measures into place to ensure your business stays rodent free.

Viking is your number-one choice in commercial pest control! Interested in learning more about SMART and how it can benefit your business? Schedule a free site inspection today!

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