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No homeowner wants to find out that they have an infestation on their hands. Unfortunately, most pests are quite small and may be able to slip into your home undetected and start setting up a nest.

The good news is that pests are by no means undetectable. If you are able to learn and identify the signs of pest infestation early, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of trouble.

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Noises at Night

Pests may be small and sneaky, but they aren’t silent. Listening at night is often the best way to detect them as most pests are nocturnal. Putting your ear against walls or your ceiling will allow you to hear any movement pests make.

Pest Infestation Smells

If you are in an area of your property at high risk for infestation, such as your kitchen or basement, and you detect a musky odor, you should investigate thoroughly and promptly. Pests often give off nasty smells and following your nose could help you detect an infestation.

Scores of Spiders

If you regularly spot spiders within your home, you should be concerned. While spiders themselves are pests, they usually go where there is a good, reliable food supply. If lots of spiders are making your home their own, this often means that you may have another infestation on your hands.

Learn More About Signs of Pest Infestations

This list is by no means a comprehensive one, as there are many signs of pest infestations. To learn more, visit our online pest library.

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