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If you read our March blog on how to prepare for mosquito season, you’re already armed with some helpful information about what attracts mosquitoes to your yard and how to prevent attracting them. In this blog, however, we’re going to focus on some of the many ways you can deter mosquitoes from biting you when spending time in your yard this season.

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Mosquito Prevention Tips

  • You are probably aware that mosquito repellent can reduce the number of bites you get when you go outside, but do you know what kind of repellent works best? We recommend a repellant that contains DEET for the best results.
  • You might be aware that mosquitoes are drawn to flowers and plants in your yard, but did you know that planting mosquito-repelling plants can also make your landscaping less inviting to mosquitoes? Try planting some citronella, peppermint, or eucalyptus in your landscaping to deter mosquitoes from your property.
  • Have you heard that going outdoors at dawn or dusk will significantly increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes? Well, it’s true. These are the times when mosquitoes are most active, so avoiding spending time outdoors during these times can reduce your risk of being bitten.
  • You are most likely aware that screens keep mosquitoes out, but do you know that there are many ways to apply mosquito netting in your yard to reduce bites? You can cover everything from a hammock to your entire deck!
  • Have you noticed how a nice breeze can keep mosquitoes from landing on you? Well, you don’t have to wait for a breeze; instead, you can bring a fan or two outside to help you both keep cool in the sun and prevent mosquito bites.
  • You know that bug zappers kill insects, but do you know that studies have shown zappers are ineffective at killing female mosquitoes? Since female mosquitoes are the ones that bite, those zappers are only going to be good at attracting mosquitoes, not preventing their bites.

There are many ways to prevent mosquito bites in your backyard, but the best way is to not have mosquitoes in your yard at all. Hold on a second? Is that even possible? While it isn’t possible to rid your property of every single mosquito, a good mosquito program can work to eliminate mosquitoes as soon as they enter your yard, keeping them from reproducing on or around your property. This can create a temporary no-fly-zone on your property, as it will take time for new mosquitoes to encroach, and when they do, they’ll be eliminated as well!

If you’ve never tried mosquito service, why not give it a shot. After all, there is a good reason our customers come back year after year. That reason is: mosquito services work! If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or the Eastern Shore of Maryland learn more about our Yard Guard Mosquito and Tick Protection Today!

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