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Rodent Control has Gone DIGITAL!

Rodent Control has Gone DIGITAL!

The smart device trend is making its way into many different aspects of life.  Why not bring a new type of smart device into your business?  Viking is proud to offer Anticimex SMART digital pest control to keep an eye on your business’s rodent activity 24/7.

We want to help you create a pest remediation protocol that prevents and eliminates unwanted pests from your property. Read on to learn more. 

What is the SMART Pest Control System?

The SMART Pest Control System works by combining digital automation with professional expertise. This includes:

  1. An infrared sensor that monitors rodent activity detecting movement by temperature differentials to avoid false alerts. 
  2. A master control box wirelessly connected to the sensors that communicates catch and activity notifications to our central office. 

Your pest control professionals at Viking Pest receive the notifications sent by the traps and sensors. With this data, Viking tracks and monitors rodent activity, adjusting your SMART set up to best fit the needs of your business.

Traps are Strategically Placed 

Before introducing SMART into your pest control plan, one of our commercial account specialists will come out to your facility to provide a site evaluation to learn more about your unique needs and how best to implement the SMART system. After assessing your business, Viking’s team of professionals will place traps in any area with significant rodent activity and any area suspected to be a point of entry.

SMART traps work and communicate independently from your network, and SMART does not require WiFi.  When a rodent is captured, the Viking team will receive an alert, keeping our team informed on where and when your facility is seeing rodent activity.  With this data, our team can adjust our SMART setup to keep you ahead of mice and rats proactively. 

Meet the SMART System



SMART Eye is a small sensor that detects and reports movement, often placed in the narrow, hard-to-reach spaces rodents crawl through. The SMART Eye uses infrared technology to detect and report temperature differential activity to Viking's central office. Keep an eye on rodents 24/7, a SMART Eye.




SMART Connect

SMART Connect is the heart – the gateway – of the Anticimex SMART monitoring system. The SMART Connect communicates wirelessly with the SMART Box, SMART Catch, and SMART Eye sending rodent activity data to the central Viking office.


Ongoing Service

Once everything is installed and connected, our rodent control experts will be able to keep a close eye on rodent activity at your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best while we handle the pests. When the need arises, our team is able to proactively come out to your business to  further analyze, and if need be, place traps where higher levels of rodent activity are detected.

Benefits of the SMART Pest Control Solution

Our SMART pest control system offers several benefits not available through traditional pest control methods. Some of these benefits include:

  • SMART devices actively sending information even if there's no activity
  • Providing 24/7 data to the Viking team for proactive rodent monitoring
  • An eco-friendly approach to rodent control

Save Money and Protect Your Business with SMART Rodent Control

SMART reduces and prevents damage caused by rodent infestations. That translates to savings for your business. It also translates into peace of mind.  On top of the reputation and brand image risks that rodent presence exposes your business to, rats and mice are classified as public health pests due to their ability to spread pathogens. When it comes to rodent control, trust the most advanced, proactive solution, and get SMART!

Interested in learning more about the SMART system and how it can benefit your business?  Fill out our online form and request your free site evaluation!


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