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Carpenter bee prevention can tie into your spring home improvement projects.

Carpenter bees are not your average bee. In fact, this species compared to other stinging insects like hornet, yellow jackets and wasps behaves very differently. Carpenter bees are actually a wood destroying pest due to their habits of building nests in burrows of wood. As we enter the season of home improvement projects including painting the house and other home maintenance, now is the perfect time to implement prevention strategies. Since carpenter bees are attracted to soft wood around your home and property (i.e. decks, sheds, picnic tables), carpenter bee prevention can tie into your spring cleaning and spring home improvement projects.

First, is it is important to learn how to identify carpenter bees. What you typically see is an aggressive bee buzzing around the outside of a wooden structure. This is the male bee, which doesn’t have a stinger but is protecting the nest. The hole that carpenter bees carve is about 1/2 of an inch in diameter and usually in untreated or soft wood structures. You may also see small piles of yellow sawdust which are left under the holes after the carpenter bees bore their way inside of the wood for nesting. Carpenter bees are not social bees so you are not going to find a massive swarm of them, but rather just one or maybe two.

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Carpenter bee prevention tips from the extermination experts at Viking Pest Control:

  • If you are building structures inside or outside of your home, it is best to use hardwood rather than softwood. This will reduce the threat of a carpenter bee infestation since they prefer softer wood sources.
  • Make sure that wood surfaces are finished with a stain or paint in order to create a seal. Carpenter bees do not like carving through sealed surfaces so this will greatly reduce the risk of them boring holes and leaving you with weakened wood structures and a bee’s nest inside of the wood.
  • Remove sources of decaying, soft wood from around the property which carpenter bees are most attracted to.

Since carpenter bees nest inside of wood structures via small holes, they are not easy to get rid of. And if you are noticing them now, it is probably because the females laid eggs in wood structures to stay safe and warm through the winter months. If you do believe that you have carpenter bees then it is best to give your local experts at Viking Pest Control a call. We provide safe and effective carpenter bee control throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland as well as offer Home Protection Plans that protect your home and family from other pests and the problems they cause.

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