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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, countless homeowners are in recovery mode attempting to get their homes in order.

Homeowners should keep in mind that there is an increased risk of rodents finding their way into damaged homes.

The debris that gets blown around during a storm can create additional harborage for pests seeking shelter.

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While most people focus on their homes and personal belongings after a storm, it’s also important to focus on the exterior environment because the storm may have created new homes for pests that were displaced. Piled up leaves, sticks and mulch blown up against a house or other structure will attract and harbor pests and rodents. The least amount of cover or harborage will deter pests and there will be less chances of them getting inside.

Repairing holes and other damage is a critical step but since this can be a long process, any temporary repairs are advised. Wood boards, foam sealant, even tarps, plastic and duct tape, can help deter pests. Any possible repairs, no matter how minimal, can help.

During the absence of regular trash pickups, it may be necessary for homeowners to bring trash to their local dump/recycle center to avoid pest issues.

If you see any signs of potential rodent infestation give your local pest control experts at Viking Pest Control at call.

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