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Viking Pest Control to Collaborate with the City of Pleasantville NJ in Its Fight Against the Spotted Lanternfly

Viking Pest Control to Collaborate with the City of Pleasantville NJ in Its Fight Against the Spotted Lanternfly

NJ-Based Pest Control Company Assists the City With its Spotted Lanternfly Problem. 


Viking Pest Control takes great pleasure in its partnership with the city of Pleasantville, NJ, to assist in their spotted lanternfly management efforts.  

Viking Pest Control has been contracted to treat six public spaces in Pleasantville: two parks – Lincoln Green and New Hope Commons, the JB Smith Playground, the Pleasantville Recreation Center, and two bike path segments – Decatur Avenue to 2nd Avenue, and Doughty Road to Bayview. Viking is collaborating with the city government and its Department of Public Works to combat the invasive and destructive insect species. The Department of Public Works has initiated a plant trimming initiative to ensure the safety of the park, playground, and bike path users. At the same time, Viking has commenced its treatment protocol for dealing with the spotted lanternfly. City Administrator Linda Peyton was instrumental in coordinating this effort between Viking, the Department of Public Works, and the Pleasantville government.  

“We are excited to partner with Viking Pest Control, helping to combat the Spotted Lanternfly in Pleasantville,” says Judy M. Ward, Mayor of Pleasantville, NJ. “We are taking the necessary steps to help improve our beautiful public spaces and the quality of outdoor life for our residents.”   

While the Spotted Lanternfly is not directly harmful to humans, they are highly detrimental to plant life and pose a significant risk to agriculture; in sufficient numbers, Spotted Lanternfly can cause significant, even fatal, damage to plant life. Spotted Lanternfly egg masses resemble patches of mud on tree bark and other surfaces and should be scraped off. They also excrete honeydew, a sweet, sticky liquid that attracts other pests, such as ants and stinging insects, as well as harmful sooty mold presenting additional risk. If a tree is heavily infested, the dropping honeydew makes it appear as if the tree is raining.  

Viking’s Spotted Lanternfly treatment has been recognized by Real Simple magazine as the best in the country. Applications of this treatment are designed to help control and reduce the overpopulation of this invasive pest species while having minimal impact on beneficial plants and wildlife.  

Viking Pest Control is a modern pest control company offering sustainable solutions to pest infestations. The company services a four-state area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, where it has provided reliable and effective pest control for more than 40 years.

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