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NJ’s War Against the Spotted Lanternfly and the Tools to Win It

NJ’s War Against the Spotted Lanternfly and the Tools to Win It

New Jersey is under siege by the spotted lanternfly. These pretty but dangerous insects have been seen in enormous numbers from the Delaware River to the Jersey Shore, and it seems like the problem is only getting worse. Most NJ counties are officially under Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine from the NJ Department of Agriculture.

While their voracious appetites most threaten gardens and agricultural businesses, lanternflies have been causing problems across the Mid-Atlantic including Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and beyond. How do we stop this invasive and aggressive pest and protect the Garden State? It requires a top-to-bottom team effort that requires expertise, effort, and the right tools for the job.

Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Calendar

The most effective method of fighting the spotted lanternfly is to prevent it from hatching. Spotted lanternflies typically lay their eggs in the Fall and usually hatch in May or June. Spotted lanternflies will lay their eggs on virtually any flat surface but most frequently on tree bark. The eggs usually appear as greyish masses. You can easily dispose of these eggs by scraping them off their surface with a complementary spotted lanternfly removal card, which you can only order from the Viking Pest Control website. Once scraped, place the eggs in a plastic bag and soak them in rubbing alcohol to ensure they will never hatch.

Scraping eggs is important and necessary, but that only solves part of the problem. After all, hatched and fully grown lanternflies are out in large numbers now and are devouring NJ’s trees and vegetation at an alarming rate. Viking Pest offers a spotted lanternfly service in NJ that effectively and sustainably controls the spotted lanternfly population for homes and businesses across the state. 

Spotted Lanternfly Exterminator

While we can help remove spotted lanternflies from your property, Viking Pest cannot be everywhere at once. There is a simple rule for seeing spotted lanternflies out in the wild: if you see it, stomp it. Spotted lanternflies have a keen instinct for feeling attacks from above or behind. They will jump when they feel something coming at them; they are gifted jumpers. While it might seem counterintuitive, it is best to stomp them head-first from the front. Once you get into that habit, you will be surprised at how many lanternflies you can take out.

The Spotted Lanternfly is a threat to the Garden State, but through a proactive statewide effort and with the right tools and expertise, it is a threat we can control. Don’t wait to deal with spotted lanternflies. As we have seen, their populations can grow exponentially if left unchecked. Call Viking Pest Control at (800)618-2847 or visit our website for a free spotted lanternfly quote today.

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