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Murder Hornet FAQ

Murder Hornet FAQ

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What is a Murder Hornet?

Vespa Mandarinia, better known as the Murder Hornet, is the largest hornet in the world. These hornets have a powerful stinger which can perforate a beekeeper’s protective suit and can sting multiple times. Murder Hornets get their name for their nature of attacking beehives and eliminating all worker bees to feed off their larva.

What Does a Murder Hornet Look Like?

The Asian giant hornet, known as the Murder Hornet, is the largest hornet in the world measuring up to 2 inches in length. The Murder Hornet also has a head that is completely yellow and a stinger on a Murder Hornet is about ¼ inch long.

What are the Differences Between a Murder Hornet and a Regular Hornet?

wasp-hornet-comparisonA Murder Hornet has an all yellow head, while a traditional European Hornet has a reddish-brown head. Murder Hornets are also much larger than the traditional European Hornet. Murder Hornets measure about 2 inches in length, and a traditional European Hornet measures about 1 inch in length.

Where Did Murder Hornets Come From?

Murder Hornets are native to Asia

Where in the United States Have Murder Hornets Been Discovered?

Murder Hornets have only been spotted in Washington state within the United States. There have been no official sightings anywhere else in the county as of 5/7/2020.

Are Murder Hornets Dangerous to Humans?

Murder Hornets do have the potential to sting a human when they feel threatened. A Murder Hornet has a stinger measuring ¼ of an inch and can sting multiple times.

What are the Effects of Murder Hornets on the Environment?

Murder Hornets get their name for their nature of attacking beehives, eliminating all worker bees, and eating their larva. Without interference from humans, these hornets have the potential to decrease the bee population within the United States exponentially. Entomologists, Beekeepers, and Government Officials are stating that they are taking the proper precautions to hopefully eliminate this pest before they migrate throughout the United States.

How to Get Rid of Murder Hornets?

If you notice any hornet activity on your property, it is important to hire a professional exterminator to avoid painful stings. Professional hornet exterminators have the expertise and proper equipment to eliminate hornets from your property.

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