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If you live in Livingston, Glen Ridge, Montclair, Caldwell, Essex Falls, or Roseland, we have good news for you. Mosquito control is available in your area. If that doesn’t excite you, it might be because you don’t know how effective mosquito control is at preventing mosquito bites and the viruses that can be spread by mosquitoes. Let’s take a look at the problem then explore why mosquito control works.

Are All Mosquitos Dangerous?

There are many mosquito-borne pathogens, but mosquitoes aren’t born with these pathogens. They get them throughout their lifespan. Therefore, every mosquito bite you get isn’t going to lead to something serious like West Nile virus which kills hundreds in the U.S. every year, or Zika virus which is able to cause microcephaly in unborn children at all stages of development. Most of the bites you’ll get this year will be nothing more than an itchy irritation. But don’t let that lead you into a state of apathy. Mosquitoes are vectors for serious viral threats, and it is wise to take precaution.

If you’ve heard that there is no such thing as mosquito control, you’ve heard right. There is no way to fully control mosquitoes. But to guard against mosquito-borne viruses, you don’t have to. You just have to create a buffer against the species that are the greatest vector for those viruses. In the U.S. that would be Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Both of which have a limited flight range. Females from these two species do not generally fly more than 100-500 meters in their entire lifespan. That means the Aedes mosquitoes that will bite you in your backyard will come from somewhere on your property or in your neighborhood.

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How Does Professional Mosquito Control Work?

If you have a professional reduce mosquito breeding sites on your property and treat your yard so that mosquitoes that visit are eliminated, the mosquitoes that happen to bite you are likely to be non-Aedes mosquitoes. When you add to this that mosquitoes, in general, are going to look for the closest mammal to get a blood meal from, you’re going to have very few long-range mosquitoes hanging out in your yard trying to bite you. There is a lot more to it than this but, hopefully, this gives you a little bit of an idea what is happening under the hood.

The best way to see how effective mosquito control can be is to give it a try. If you live in Essex County, reach out to Viking Pest Control today before mosquito season ramps up. We’ll get you on the right track.

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