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Carrie Underwood Ticket Winner: How Viking's Mice Control Helped Greg Fix "A Leaky Discovery"

Carrie Underwood Ticket Winner: How Viking's Mice Control Helped Greg Fix "A Leaky Discovery"

Viking Pest Control recently asked our customers to send us their best Viking Pest Stories to share with our friends on social media. The winning entry received four VIP tickets to Carrie Underwood's performance at the Prudential Center on February 18, 2023.  Greg D. of Collingswood, NJ provided us with the winning entry about how Viking Mice Control discovered a little something more, which you can read below. Congratulations, Greg! We hope you enjoy the concert!


A Leaky Discovery


I have been a Viking customer since 2018.  Our relationship began after I discovered a mouse running along my kitchen counter (eek!). I immediately searched for reputable exterminators in the area and chose Viking for their strong reputation in reviews I’d read online. Since treating my original rodent infestation, Viking has made periodic trips to my home for preventative visits as part of my service contract and I am happy to report we have been mouse-free ever since!  One of these visits by Viking even helped uncover a problem in my home that had nothing to do with rodents or insects!


As part of their routine visits, Viking’s technicians will examine the rodent snap traps and bait stations which I now have located throughout my home for activity.  This includes a bait station located in a crawl space in my basement. In the spring of 2021, as Viking’s technician inspected my basement crawl space area, they noticed a substantial amount of water on the floor. The basement area near the crawl space is not somewhere I regularly visit (it’s dark and creepy, so kudos to Viking for being brave enough to venture there!), so I was unaware of the water problem. Their technician immediately brought the water to my attention and got to work to determine whether the water was coming from inside or outside the house.  Upon further investigation, the Viking technician determined that the water was coming from inside my home and recommended I have it looked into by a professional as soon as possible to find the cause and help prevent damage and mold.


Soon afterwards, I contacted a local plumber who found that the cast iron pipe attached to the bathrooms in our home was leaking and that is what caused the water in the basement.  Unbeknownst to me, every time my family and I used a bathroom sink, shower, or toilet, more water would pour into my basement from this leak. My home was built in 1908 and this may have been the original pipe (clearly the home builder got their money’s worth on the cost of the pipe since it lasted over 100 years!).


After extensive work, such as knocking down a wall in my kitchen to get to the leaky pipe, the cast iron pipe was replaced with a brand new Polyvinyl Chloride pipe, and my kitchen wall was repaired and painted. If you visited my home today, you would never even know this problem existed. My basement is now once again dry and I have Viking’s technician to thank for discovering a problem in my home that I was unaware of.  As my story proves, there is definitely value to being a Viking customer and the regularly scheduled preventative visits by Viking’s knowledgeable technicians can help uncover issues beyond just the scope of pests and insects!


Below are photos of the crawl space area inspected by the Viking technician where they discovered water on the basement floor, as well as the cracked cast iron pipe that caused the issue that the Viking technician discovered.

Get Rid of Mice in Basement


As a proud partner of the Prudential Center, Viking is happy to offer our fans and customers chances to win tickets to concerts, sporting events, and more throughout the year.  Keep an eye on our social media channels to see what's next!

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