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Introducing SMART Cities

Introducing SMART Cities

Viking Pest Control Launches SMART City...the latest in Cutting-Edge Pest Control Technology


SMART devices, plus well-planned deployment and pest analytics, offer extensive pest protection.

BASKING RIDGE, NJ, January 17, 2021  Viking Pest Control continues to offer the latest technology in pest control by adding SMART City to its lineup of pest control products.  SMART City is an effective, environmentally-friendly rodent control system that combats rodents such as mice and rats. The SMART City system involves wirelessly linked devices, that monitor, track, and eliminate pests while providing constant and detailed analytics to Viking's Central Office.

The installation of this unique system allows Viking Pest Control the capability to monitor both above and below ground rodent populations. The SMART City concept involves detailed site evaluations of target areas to identify appropriate deployment throughout the city including in sewer systems. Using sensors that detect heat signatures and motion using Passive Infrared Data, these devices send activity reports directly to the Viking team where trends are analyzed for optimized rodent reduction. The innovative SMART system offers the below devices:

  • SMART Pipe and SMART Pipe 3 – designed for installation in sewer systems, with capabilities of eliminating rodents in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • SMART Eye – a small and effective rodent sensor that can fit into narrow spaces
  • SMART Box – a multi-catch unit that detects and eliminates rodents in an environmentally-friendly manner, can be used in various commercial settings
  • SMART Sense - detects moths and cockroaches by sensing changes in temperature, and eliminates these pests in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • SMART Connect – the heart of the Anticimex SMART monitoring system which reports all activity automatically to a central database wirelessly

The SMART system monitors 24/7 with no requirement for physical readings. Data is sent whenever activity occurs, with date and time of the occurrence. The SMART system can predict infestations based on trend curves from the devices, allowing infestations to be prevented before they start.  To learn more about SMART Cities and Viking Pest Control, please visit

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