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How to Prevent Stink Bugs This Fall

How to Prevent Stink Bugs This Fall

You know fall is in the air when you can smell fireplaces roaring, and pumpkin pies baking.
If you're not careful, there's another smell of colder months that can fill your home or business: the foul scent of stink bugs.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep stink bugs at bay this fall with these pest prevention tips.

What Are Stink Bugs? 

These critters, known for their scent, tend to enter homes and businesses when it gets colder looking for warmth. While these pests are not risky for humans to be around, they can become a nuisance.

Similar to other pests, such as termites and ants, stink bugs will come indoors in vast numbers. This makes these critters hard to control once they are inside. This is why property owners usually are on the hunt for a simple way to fight them off before an infestation. 

The best way to prevent a stink bug infestation is to pest-proof your home or business from the outside and the inside. Keep reading to learn how you can prevent stink bugs from taking over. 

Inspect Your Exterior 

Inspect the outside of your home or business for any access points that are easy for stink bugs to use. You will want to keep an eye on any areas around utility pipes, sliding doors, underneath wood, behind chimneys, and any other openings.

Repair Damage 

Stink bugs can get through even the smallest of openings. This means you'll want to make sure you repair any damaged screens, windows, or doors. 

Any holes or cracks you find during your inspection should be sealed off with silicone latex caulk or good quality silicone. Caulk any crevices and cracks that bugs can enter through. You might want to put a fine mesh over any air vents as well as add door sweeps.  

Mind Your Landscape 

You will also want to make sure that you keep all of your surroundings, shrubbery, and branches well-trimmed. All firewood should be kept at least five inches off the ground and 20 feet away from the structure.

Use Fly Tape 

While this might not look the most glamorous, you might want to consider fly taping your entryways. Putting strips of fly tape by entryways and windowsills is a great way to catch stink bugs.

Turn Off the Lights

Stink bugs are attracted to light, which is why you will want to keep any outdoor lighting to a minimum. At night, you'll want to pull down your window blinds and turn off outdoor lighting apparatuses so light won't spill outside. 

Reduce Moisture & Ventilate 

Try your best to dry up any moisture that is built up around your home or business. This step can go a long way in preventing pest infestations. You will want to check around clogged drains and leaking pipes for any extra water. 

You also want to make sure your structure has good airflow. This means making sure your basements and storage rooms, as well as any crawl spaces, attics, or garages, are properly ventilated. This will eliminate any harboring points. 

You might want to use a dehumidifier in these spaces and make sure that you put screens over your attic vents, chimneys, and any other port leading outside. 

Check Your Belongings 

Make sure that stink bugs don't have any access to food. Make sure you store all of your food in airtight containers and that you dispose of all of your garbage regularly, using sealed receptacles.

You will also want to constantly sweep your floors and wipe down your countertops. This way you are getting rid of crumbs and residue from spillage. 

Also, check out boxes and bags before you bring them inside. Stink bugs can easily travel on these things, making themselves cozy.

Vacuum Stink Bugs, Don't Squish 

When you see a stink bug, your first instinct might be to squish them. But you should know when a stink bug gets crushed or disturbed, it will release a bad-tasting/bad-smelling odor. This is how stink bugs earned their name. 

Instead of squishing stink bugs, the next time you see one in your home or business, you'll want to get rid of it by using a vacuum cleaner. Immediately get rid of the vacuum bag to stop the odor from spreading.

Even dead stink bugs can leave a residue inside the bag that can stink up your space. Also, know that this method only works when using vacuum cleaners that have bags. 

Why Choose Viking for Pest Prevention?

If you still have stink bugs after trying these options, it's time to hire a professional.  Viking Pest has been providing pest control for families and businesses since 1980. Viking is a full-service pest control company offering control and prevention for ants, spiders, termites, stink bugs, and bed bugs to name a few.

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