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Keep Your Office Pest Free This Spring

Keep Your Office Pest Free This Spring

Looking to keep your business pest-free this spring season?  Learn what to look for while spring cleaning and how to prevent invaders from making a home in your business.

  1. If you are storing any office items or supplies for the warmer spring and summer months make sure the area that you are storing your items is clean, and in a cool dry area.

  2. Eliminate all sources of food and water within any potential storage area. Denying pests these two vital necessities will help keep pests away.

  3. Keep trash or any dry stored goods away from the area. Any distinct smells can encourage pest activity and lure them out.

  4. Fill any small holes, install sweeps, and make sure products are tightly sealed.  When it comes to storage areas the best way to keep pests out is to eliminate any points of entry.

  5. When it comes to storing larger items, make sure that you are using containers that have seal-able lids. Plastic bins and barrels are some of the best options for long-term storage in unfrequented places.

  6. Prior to storing any items make sure to inspect the areas for signs of pest activity. If you notice any large holes or any bugs, Viking offers FREE inspections for any business. 

  7. Similarly to storing items, if you are taking items out of storage make sure to complete a full inspection of the item to ensure no pest activity.  If there is visible pest damage call an professional exterminator, like Viking Pest, one of our inspectors will be able to identify the problem, potential risks and offer possible solutions to ensure your business is pest free.

Let Viking Take Care of Your Business's Pest Control Needs

To combat the risk of pests, schedule a FREE, thorough site evaluation of your business. If we happen to find the presence of pests, we'll quickly identify what they are and come up with an effective approach. With four decades of experience, Viking offers pest management programs with innovative solutions. Call 1-800-618-2847 for your FREE Site Evaluation today.

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