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New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern Shore of Maryland college students are preparing to head back to campus in the next few weeks. Shopping lists in hand, incoming freshmen and their parents are stocking up on extra-long twin sheets, shower caddies, school supplies, study snacks and all the things needed to keep college students happy and healthy for a year away from home. Smart parents are adding bed bug-proof Protect-A-Bed mattress covers to their college students’ shopping lists.

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How Can I Protect My College Student From Bed Bugs?

Your local pest control experts at Viking Pest Control warn that bed bug reports on college campuses spike every fall as students return to campus. Bed bug infestations have become a common back-to-school problem on U.S. college campuses with most colleges reporting at least one and often several bed bug infestations in college dorms, classrooms and off-campus housing. This fall, your local pest control professionals at Viking Pest Control are expecting a significant increase in bed bug infestations on U.S. college campuses due to the high summer temperatures which have spurred hefty increases in bed bug populations.

Bed bugs feed on human blood while their victims are sleeping which makes your bed the first line of defense against painfully itchy bed bug bites. Bed bug-proof mattress covers and box spring covers can help protect you and your college student from bed bugs and minimize the pain and suffering they cause if they do invade your living space.

Bed bug-proof covers seal your mattress and box springs in a breathable encasement that is comfortable to sleep on but completely impermeable to bed bug bites and invasion. Unlike regular mattress covers which provide no protection against bed bugs, bed bug-proof mattress covers are specially designed to prevent bed bugs from biting through the covering or slipping through the zipper, protecting bedding from infestation and your college student from repeated bed bug attacks.

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