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How to Keep Pests Out of Firewood

How to Keep Pests Out of Firewood

Nothing can beat relaxing at home in front of a warm crackling fire as the frost of winter sets in. While enjoying the vibrant fire from the comfort of your home, the last thing you want to deal with is a pest invasion. Firewood, either chopped or bought, can contain pests and these pests will enjoy the warmth of your home and start invading.

See Below for 3 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Firewood.

  1. Keep Firewood Off Of The Ground

    It is important to keep firewood dry because insects are attracted to wet wood. Keeping your firewood elevated off the ground will help keep the wood dry. There are structures specifically made for storing firewood that you can purchase, or you can concoct your own storage with extra lumber or cinder blocks.

  2. Keep Firewood Dry

    As stated above, insects are attracted to wet firewood so protecting your wood from moisture is key to a pest free home during the winter. Covering the wood with a tarp will protect the firewood from natural elements and keep it dry.

  3. Store Firewood Away from Your Home

    It may be tempting to store extra firewood inside to avoid having to go out in the cold air, but the longer firewood is stored inside and not being used, the higher chances of pests escaping from the wood and roaming your home. The farther away your stockpile is from your home, the harder it will be for pests to come inside.

If pests still manage to find their way into your home this winter, call Viking Pest Control at 1-800-618-2847, and we will make sure that you can enjoy your fire in a pest-free home.

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