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How To Keep Flies Out of Your Restaurant

How To Keep Flies Out of Your Restaurant

No matter how hard you try, flies keep getting into your restaurant, and you’ve run out of ideas to get rid of them. Well, Viking Pest is here to give you some advice to keep flies away and protect your restaurant’s reputation.

Keep Trash and Dumpsters Away from any Entry Points to the Establishment

Keeping any trash close to your establishment is an open invitation for flies. Trash bins located in the kitchen should always be lined and taken out frequently. It is also important to clean trash cans to rid of any food/liquid that may have leaked into the bin.

Keep the Back-of-the-House Clean and Organized.

Practice a first-in-first-out approach to inventory supplies to avoid produce and other food from spoiling and attracting flies. Also make sure that employees are fully cleaning all kitchen equipment on a nightly basis and are also cleaning underneath the equipment. A heavy-duty cleaning may be needed once a month or even weekly depending on the size of your establishment.

Lastly, Call Viking Pest Control!

Viking Pest is the commercial pest control experts! Viking’s Fly Solution begins with a thorough inspection of the establishment, with attention to food storage, waste management, and portals to the dining area, such as windows, doors, unscreened vents, drains and plumbing lines. Using these IPM techniques, flies won’t gain a stronghold within your restaurant, as their breeding and feeding sources are simply unavailable.

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