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Spring is the season where most animals and insects become much more active. This, unfortunately, means you’ll need to keep an eye out for ants in spring, as they are an incredibly common pest to deal with during this time of year.

Luckily, you have Viking Pest Control on your side, and we can teach you all about how to tell if you have ants in your house in spring!

Timeline of Ants in The Spring

Ants usually become more active during springtime for one of two reasons:

  1. They are seeking to find a warm place that is rich with food
  2. They are seeking a safe space to reproduce during their reproduction cycle

In both cases, ants are likely to find your home an attractive location. They can sneak into your home via the smallest of cracks, which is why it’s so important to be prepared beforehand. If you find ants in your house in spring, you may need to call a professional, like Viking Pest Control, to help you get rid of the problem.

Ant Prevention

Luckily there are methods to prevent ants from entering your house that can be effective, such as:

  • Sealing cracks around your home with caulk
  • Keeping your house clean
  • Storing all food in sealed containers
  • Using ant baits

What to Do If You’ve Already Spotted Ants

If you have spotted ants in your home, then you already have more ants on the way. The first thing to do is to identify what ants you’re dealing with. Some of the most common types of ants in the spring include:

When to Call a Professional

There are many home remedies out there that have varying degrees of effectiveness, but if you want to be completely sure that the infestation is gone, call a professional such as Viking Pest Control.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your professional technician:

  1. Clean your house thoroughly (vacuum, wash dishes, etc.)
  2. Make sure all food is in airtight containers
  3. Prepare to relay exactly where you’ve been seeing ants

After Your Pest Control Service

The best thing to do after an exterminator visit is to be patient. Don’t try to deter or eliminate any ants you see, and don’t use any strong cleaners around any ant bait that has been set up. Just let time work on your side.

Viking: An Exterminator You Can Rely On

Ants can be dangerous for your property, so you should take care of any infestation you have right away. Contact your local New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern Shore of Maryland pest control experts at Viking Pest Control to keep your home ant free!

Call Viking at 800-618-2847 to learn more about ant pest control and extermination services, or get a fast, free quote online today!

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