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High Tech Rat Control for Pennsylvania Cities

High Tech Rat Control for Pennsylvania Cities

Rodents like rats are well known to carry and spread diseases. Infections can pass to humans that come into contact with rats, their droppings, or their saliva. Bites aren't the only method of exposure. Simply breathing in air or consuming food and drink that contains contaminants from rodent waste can have ill effects. Preventing and eliminating rat infestations is the best way to stop the spread of disease and avoid expensive property damage from gnawing and chewing. This process is challenging enough when dealt with at a home or place of business. When these problems occur at a municipal level, it requires a higher level of technological capability and pest control expertise to get these problems under control.

Pennsylvania towns and cities are no strangers to rodent control issues. Since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Rat populations have increased in urban areas because of the ready availability of food, water, and shelter. Once rats invade an area, they quickly adapt, breed, and start to make their way inside homes and businesses, eventually filling and then overflowing neighborhoods.

Many pest control techniques are simply not up to the task of handling the logistical challenges necessary to protect and service a modern city. That is where Anticimex SMART Cities comes in.

City Rat Control in Pennsylvania


How Anticimex SMART Cities Rodent Control Works

The problem with other methods of urban rodent control is that they rely on guesswork and prior knowledge to target and control rats and utilize environmentally harmful elements. As populations increase, you need to scale up the use of these community-unfriendly products to mitigate the increasing numbers. Fortunately, advancements in monitoring and communications technology have created a cleaner and more sustainable option that is safe for both your community and the environment. Best of all, it's an intelligent solution that uses real data to minimize guesswork.

SMART Cities work by using sensors to monitor and locate rat activity, determine exactly where the problem lies, and identify key areas to place devices. Anticimex SMART Cities utilizes traps that work both above and below ground, so they are capable of targeting all the hotspots of rodent activity throughout an entire community. Tracking capabilities locate nests, monitor activity patterns, and identify entry points in structures. Data is then relayed to the control center for review. Some of the equipment used for SMART Cities includes:

  • SMART Connect Minis are essentially the brain of the entire system. They are the communication devices that deliver information back to the Viking office for analysis through a built-in cellular network.
  • SMART Eye Minis are sensors that detect rodent activity. They are small enough to fit into nearly any of the out-of-the-way and cramped areas that rodents love to use as hiding spots.
  • The SMART Box is an above-ground trap capable of catching multiple rats. Each rat that enters is killed and stored in a container, with each catch being reported to the SMART Connect and the Viking Offices. Then, the trap resets, ready to catch the next one.
  • The SMART Pipe is the unique device used below ground to catch rats in the sewers.

All Smart Cities projects begin with a thorough site evaluation to find spots to set traps and sensors.SMARTmanhole-Viking (2) Once these are in place, data collection and analysis begin. Utilizing the collected data, SMART technicians relocate SMART devices to better-optimized locations to quickly reduce rat populations. When a SMART device catches a rodent, it dispatchs the rat and isolates it inside the chamber. Direct contact with rodents is not needed to activate the system. The device then wirelessly sends data to technicians regarding the number, timing, and locations of animals caught, so they can dispose of them properly. None of this requires rodenticide.

This digital approach to effective rat and mouse control is gaining in popularity as success stories circulate. Cities throughout New England that have employed the use of Anticimex SMART solutions have seen real results. The trend toward effective, toxin-free rodent control continues as more cities make the switch.



The Benefits of SMART Pest Control

Learn the reasons why Anticimex SMART systems are so successful.

Environmentally Conscious

SMART Rodent Control stands apart from other methods because it uses technology to help reduce and monitor, eliminating the risk of harmful elements. This technology safely targets and controls rodent behavior.

24/7 Coverage

The sensors of the SMART Cities system are always ready to detect rodent activity, catch rodents, and collect and forward data. They work 24/7 for continuous protection! All information gathered is labeled with the date and time for better analysis and tracking.

Less Stress

SMART rodent control drastically reduces the stress and anxiety that typically comes with ongoing pest control efforts. Instead of remaining vigilant at all times, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your community is always protected. Viking Pest provides ongoing services to inspect and maintain the SMART equipment, analyze data, dispose of rats, and relocate traps as needed.


Contact Viking for Effective Municipal Rat Exterminator Services

Viking Pest Control currently offers SMART Rodent Control throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, delivering effective rat control in Pennsylvania cities like Philadelphia, Scranton, and Allentown. We also provide service to New Jersey, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Our services are customized to your needs, so the technologies and treatments we use are optimized to serve your specific situation. Before installing Anticimex SMART technology, we inspect your community and examine the blueprints to identify weak areas and design a system that is the right fit.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced representative and find out more about how SMART rodent control can protect your community. Learn about the benefits of becoming an Anticimex SMART city with a large-scale approach. We have the expertise and resources required to implement effective solutions that handle rat populations in any location. Give us some details about your current pest problems and concerns, and we'll get started creating a tailored SMART approach to eliminate current and future worries.

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