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Don’t panic if you see a swarm of flying termites in your home. Contact your local NJ, PA, MD, and DE pest control experts at Viking Pest Control!

Early spring is the time of year when you might start to find signs of termites on your property or even inside your home. One of these signs includes the shocking and pretty amazing sight of a termite swarm. Each year, the reproductive termites that have wings, will emerge from the colony in search of a mate and to form a new colony. Although these termite swarmers are not going to harm you or your home, a termite with wings is still quite a scary sight. Not to mention the mess that is left behind as a result of them landing and losing their wings.

Although the swarming termites themselves are not harmful, they are a sign that you do have a termite colony nearby. Due to the extensive damages that can be caused by termite infestations, the first thing you should do if spotting the swarmers is to contact a NJ, PA, MD, or DE pest control professional, like Viking Pest Control, to come inspect the situation.

You will start to notice that within a matter of minutes the hundreds, and maybe even thousands of termites that are flying around will start to lose their wings. This is the messy part. Go ahead and vacuum up the debris, but just know that until the colony has released all of the swarmers, they will continue to emerge.

What Should I do When I Start to Notice Termite Swarmers?

If you are able, it will also be helpful to mark with a piece of tape where you are seeing the swarmers emerge from. Whether it’s from behind a wall or baseboards, on your porch, or from a room in the house, just mark that area so that you can show the termite control professionals. This will help to identify the general location of the termite colony.

Do not start to tear apart your home in a search for the colony on your own. This will only cause further structural damage and will not help in the elimination of the colony.

Be patient as you wait for professional help. Although it is not a pleasant sight to see flying termites around your home, it is just a normal behavior that happens every year in early spring for the termites.

If you have spotted a termite swarm in your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Eastern Shore of Maryland home, contact Viking Pest Control today. Our local termite extermination experts can come and inspect your home and provide a custom designed termite treatment plan to effectively eradicate your current termite problem and help to prevent any future termite problems from arising.

Call Viking at 800-618-2847 to learn more about termite pest control and extermination services, or get a fast, free quote online today!

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