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Bed bugs are hearty pests and can be problematic throughout the year. Essex County is the second most populated county in New Jersey and these crowded conditions are perfect for bed bug infestations. While we might think that bed bugs die off in the fall and winter like many other pests, they simply do not. They can continue to cause problems for Livingston residents throughout the fall. It’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for bed bugs as college gets underway, travelers pass through Newark airport, and children head back to school. Having many people in close contact with one another is one of the easiest ways to spread bed bugs.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside Your Home

Bed bugs can get inside your home through school books, library books, backpacks, adult visitors, your children’s friends’ belongings, your bags, and briefcase… basically, anything they can hitch a ride on. They do not discriminate, they do not gravitate toward “dirty” homes, they just want a blood meal. Even if you live in a less crowded or more affluent area such as Montclair or Essex Fells, your home is not immune to a bed bug infestation. It’s important for you to take precautions throughout the fall no matter where you live in Essex County.

Anytime you will be in a public place, it’s smart to hang up your belongings and not leave them on the floor or set them on furniture. Remind your children to tuck their coat inside their backpack at school and hang their bag up if they can. Examine bags and books before they are brought inside your Glen Ridge home this fall. As to not offend your guests with requests to rummage through their belongings, consider installing coat/bag hooks in a mudroom or garage so, if there are bed bugs, there is less of a risk of them getting into the rest of your home.

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Where to Look for Bed Bugs

There are some warning signs you should be aware of when dealing with bed bugs. The sooner you can catch an infestation the easier it is to treat successfully. It’s usually rare to see bed bugs running around your house, they tend to be shy pests that live in the seams of your mattress, inside outlets, in cracks of your baseboards, deep inside drawers, behind wall hangings, and in upholstered furniture. It’s a good idea to make a habit of checking for bed bugs when you change your sheets. If you happen to notice brown or reddish staining on your sheets or mattresses, that is a sign of bed bugs. These stains may be their feces or leftover blood from a bite. You may sometimes see their shed skins, nymphs, or eggs if you look carefully.

What to do If You Notice Bed Bug Activity

If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your Essex County home this fall, contact Viking Pest Control at 800-618-2847 immediately so we can help you with a plan and effective treatment to get rid of your problem before it is out of control.

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