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Don't Let Pests Run Your Business

Don't Let Pests Run Your Business

Infestations and unwanted pests can ruin a business if they are not properly eradicated. Viking Pest control has experience with multiple types of businesses in New Jersey and can successfully get rid of infestations.

When To Call Pest Control

Businesses of any kind can experience unwanted pests. Restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, and schools can have issues with potentially dangerous animals or insects. Many individuals wonder if they need to call pest control if their building does not have a kitchen or if their infestation is only a couple rodents. Regardless of the business, certain pests can pose significant problems.

If your business has a kitchen you may be at more risk of having a pest infestation. This is because consistent food supply can attract all kinds of pests. If a restaurant has an infestation of cockroaches or mice, health inspectors are likely to be concerned. If you have a business that relies upon food or simply has a cafeteria or office kitchen, regardless of which pest is involved, you should have a pest prevention plan in place from a professional pest control company, like Viking Pest Control.

Commercial buildings that do not have kitchens can also be negatively impacted by pests. Regardless if the pest is a single rodent or an infestation of mosquitoes, pests can carry potentially deadly diseases. Not only is this dangerous for the clients, customers, or staff, but unwanted pests can be a liability to the reputation and value of your brand.

Even pests that may not necessarily cause health issues can be detrimental to the safety and structure of your building. A termite infestation can greatly damage the structural integrity of any building. By consistently chewing through wood, termites can ruin a storefront or office building if professional pest control is not used.

What Industries Are Commonly Affected by Pests?

Common businesses that can be affected by pests include:

How Did I Get Pests In My Business?

Contrary to popular belief, infestations and unwanted pests are not necessarily a sign of poor sanitary conditions. Many businesses find themselves with pests because of the location of their building. Commercial businesses that are near water can have a particularly difficult time considering pests can often thrive and even multiply where there is open access to water.

Businesses may also inherit pest problems. Previous tenants may not have taken precautions to prevent pests. Even if preventative measures were used, if an infestation was not completely eradicated, the problem can continue. Proper care and cleanliness is important when preventing pests from entering the building, but sometimes infestations happen regardless of these steps.

Plumbing issues that leave water exposed can cause mosquitoes. Termites that cannot easily be detected can live in a building for years. Poor insulation and old buildings can also create a problem. Regardless of the industry, infestations can happen to any business.

DIY vs. Professional Pest Control

Infestations can be a serious and dangerous problem if it is not effectively treated. Some pests may be able to be eradicated without calling a professional service, but there is always the risk that there are potentially more pests that cannot be seen.

Mouse traps and bug bombs can be used successfully in certain circumstances with individual pests, but oftentimes are not the best solution to your pest concern and will not prevent pests from re-entering your business. For most infestations, a thorough treatment is needed to ensure all the pests have been eradicated from the building. If certain pests are still living inside the building, breeding is likely to happen resulting in an unsanitary environment.

Professional pest control services evaluate the situation to decide which treatment is best. Depending on the business, different methods may be employed to ensure a thorough and efficient job.  With a pest prevention plan in place from your local professionals, like Viking Pest Control, you can keep your business ahead of pests and the damage they can cause.

Pests can give any business a bad reputation. Hotels, casinos, and resorts can be especially vulnerable to pests. Maintaining a good reputation is a priority for both big and small companies that rely on in-person customers. To avoid potentially costly reviews and unsanitary conditions, hiring a professional is often preferred to DIY methods.

Treatment Options

Professional pest control offers a variety of options depending on the circumstance. Viking Pest Control can solve pest issues in a discrete and timely manner so that businesses can continue to operate. By inspecting the premises, an assessment can be made and an individual treatment plan can be designed.

Pest treatment packages can be tailored to service what’s necessary. Regardless if the business is experiencing problems with rodents, moths, mosquitoes, ants, or a variety of other unwanted pests, a trained specialist can help. Give your local pest experts at Viking at call at 800-618-2847 or fill out our online form for a fast, free estimate!

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