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When carpenter bees are buzzing around the stairs going up to your porch, underneath your deck, or around your shed, it is hard not to notice them. These are large, furry bees that can sometimes be aggressive, especially if you happen to be near a hole they have made their home in. So, it is only natural to ask the question, “Do carpenter bees sting?” But the answer isn’t as easy as yes or no.

If you recently had a carpenter bee dive bomb you, it was most likely a male carpenter bee. Their instinct is to move quickly toward humans that come too close to their home, and especially if those humans are waving their arms or moving quickly. The good news, however, is that male carpenter bees cannot sting you. So, all of that dive bombing is just posturing. They’re all bark and no bite.

How about female carpenter bees? While it is true that a female carpenter bee can sting, it does not have a desire to. Her sole purpose is to start a home and make babies. The only reason she’ll have to sting you is if you make her feel as if she is in danger. This can happen when you sit down on outside lawn furniture and accidentally pin her between a cushion and your back or when you lay your arm on a table and don’t see her there. Other than coming into contact with a female, you’re not likely to be stung.

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The danger carpenter bees present is actually to your home. These bees bore tunnels in wood, and these tunnels can cause supports to weaken and the structure to bend and warp.

Unprotected wood is most vulnerable to carpenter bees; which is why you’ll often find them around an old shed, piles of dried out wood, or an unpainted deck. But they are not limited to these types of wood.

It can also be dangerous to have bees around if you have wooden stairs that they are occupying. When these bees bore tunnels in steps, they can make a sound-looking step weak, and create the potential for a break and a fall.

If you’re finding these bees on your property, you do not have too much to worry about as far as being stung goes. But, this is definitely not a pest you want to let go untreated. Over time, they will do more and more damage as they expand their tunnels.

If you live in NJ, PA, MD or DE, give us a call. Our specialists know how to remove these insect pests from hard-to-get-at places and put in place measures that will keep them from damaging your home or outbuildings in the future.

Stinging threat or not, carpenter bees are not welcome.

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