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Delaware's Best Pest Control

Delaware's Best Pest Control

Delaware is a beautiful and exciting place to live. Its location makes it an ideal hub of business activity in the Northeastern region of the United States. As the first state, it boasts a rich history and substantial cultural significance.  It has miles of shoreline and gorgeous scenery.

The state of Delaware has hot summers and cold winters, with plenty of precipitation no matter the season. However, Delaware's climate along with its diverse natural features that include everything from beaches to mountains to rivers to picturesque countryside make it a prime location for pest activity.

Delaware Pest Problems

Insects and rodents remain active year-round in Delaware. The hot and humid summers lead to big increases in populations. Once colder weather sets in, these pests begin to look for shelter and alternative food sources. Unfortunately for Delaware residents and business owners, this typically means that they attempt to find a way inside your property.

An infestation of pests is more than annoying. Their presence can cause a number of health and safety concerns, along with the risk of property damage. Thankfully, Viking Pest Control is here to help. If you notice any signs of pests in your home or business, contact the best exterminator in Delaware.

Viking Pest Control Services

Viking provides a full range of local pest control services for homes and businesses. Some of our most popular treatments and service plans include:

We use the newest technology to create customized pest control solutions that address your needs. Whether you need help eliminating a current infestation or want to explore options for pest prevention, we can help. Our treatments are safe, sustainable, and adapted to target the pests specific to Delaware so you get excellent results.

Award-Winning Pest Control

Viking Pest Control has gained a reputation for delivering effective and efficient pest control services throughout its 40 years of business, winning multiple awards for sustainable pest control services from popular publications like Forbes Home, The Spruce, and Houzz.

For the second year, Forbes Home magazine honored Viking with three noteworthy achievements, naming it as one of the Top 10 Pest Control Companies in the Country, the Top 5 Mosquito Control Companies, and the Best Termite Control Company in the country. Viking was named the Best Pest Control Company for Sustainability by The Spruce for the third year in a row and was selected Best of Houzz by the Houzz homeowners community.

Viking works hard to deliver effective results for every customer, which shows clearly in its national and local recognition. This impressive feat solidifies Viking as one of the best pest control companies in Delaware.

Get the Best Pest Control in Delaware

At Viking, we take the stress out of keeping your home or business safe from pests. We provide customizable, superior services at affordable prices. Our solutions are designed for your unique situation, to provide a healthy environment free from bothersome pests.

Visit Viking Pest Control today for a free estimate or call 800-618-2847 and start working with the best pest control professionals to protect your property.

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