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Just like termites and carpenter ants, carpenter bees can cause serious damage to your home.

As the weather continues to heat up in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you will begin to notice more buzzing of the bees. Bees, along with other stinging insects, are a common springtime pest and although they serve a great purpose in the natural world including pollination, honey, and wax, they are not welcome when they threaten our homes and health. Often confused with furry bumble bees, carpenter bees can be quite a destructive pest to homes in our region. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at this type of stinging insect.

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Identification of Carpenter Bees

Due to their size, carpenter bees are often confused with bumble bees. But carpenter bees can be identified with their skinny, black abdomen and a hovering flight pattern unlike bumble bees. Also, carpenter bees are not social insects like their other insect relatives. Instead of forming nests with hundreds or thousands of others, carpenter bees prefer a solitary lifestyle and bore holes in softer types of wood to create egg holding cells.

Threat To Health

Females carpenter bees do have stingers but are usually not inclined to sting. The males however are quite aggressive, and although they do not have stingers, will buzz loudly and dive bomb at a perceived threat.

Threat To Property

If the wood they are using to create galleries happens to be inside your home, within a few years you could see extensive structural damage. Often times the several generations of carpenter bees will use the same tunnel area and as time goes on, more and more damage to the wood will be done. Although carpenter bees prefer softer woods, there is no telling where they could be boring holes in your home.

If you have identified a carpenter bee problem in your home it is important to contact your local NJ, PA, MD, and DE pest control company right away. The reason the pest control pros are needed to treat for carpenter bees is because each gallery and hole created must be treated separately. If one is missed then you will still have a carpenter bee problem and you will still be risking extensive structural damage. For more information on stinging insects in the area and to get rid of your carpenter bee problem, please contact us today!

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