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It may be January, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see any pests around the house!

Believe it or not, with the recent weather we’ve been having, you could be seeing ants in your house any day now. Ants in January? Doesn’t seem quite right, does it? But with the balmy temps and the rainy weather, ants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland have been emerging much earlier than expected, possibly thinking that spring has arrived. As nice as that would be, spring is still more than 2 months away, but we can still enjoy this mild weather for now, especially if we know how to deal with any ants we may be seeing indoors.

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How Can I Protect My Home From Ants

Some tips from the local ant control experts at Viking Pest Control to make sure these insects don’t intrude on your home include:

  • Clean up spills and crumbs whenever they happen, or when you first notice them.
  • Don’t leave food out on counters, but if you have to, leave them in air tight containers.
  • If you have canisters with flour or sugar in them on the counter, make sure they are air tight containers.
  • Keep the inside of your garbage can clean. This may seem silly, but it is a very important step in keeping ants away.
  • Keep pet bowls and dishes clean. Once pets have had their meal, wash their dishes and clean up any stray food on the floor.

If you’re reading this blog because you already have ants in the house, these prevention tips can still help prevent more ants from arriving. But there is a good chance that the ants that are present have left a pheromone trail for other ants to follow, so no matter what you do now, they are just playing follow the leader into your kitchen. For ants that are present, the professionals at Viking Pest Control suggest one of our Home Protection Plans to protect your home year-round. Our plans include careful inspection services to identify possible pest entry points as well as introduces preventative measures to keep pests from returning. 

So if you’re seeing ants already, it’s probably a telling sign that you’ll have more ants when spring actually gets here. A year-round pest plan is not just a sound idea for current pest problems, but can be a life saver (and much kinder on your wallet) during the rest of the year. Contact us today for more information on ant control services in NJ, PA, MD, and DE and we’d be happy to give you more information on our plants to keep your home pest-free throughout the year. 

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