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Box elder bugs often gather in large groups on sunny walls of buildings.

Often noticed in summer gardens because of their exotic black and red or orange coloration and the distinctive “X” formed by their overlapping wings, box elder bugs can become a serious nuisance for home and business owners when fall arrives. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern Shore of Maryland pest control professionals at Viking Pest Control warn residents to be on the lookout for these colorful insects. Like stink bugs and Asian lady beetles (lady bugs), box elder bugs are starting to gather on sunny building walls looking for a way to sneak inside buildings to spend the winter. The only way to prevent box elder bugs from infiltrating your building is to arrange for an exterior perimeter pest control treatment before insects attempt to move indoors.

When Should I Start to Worry About Box Elder Bugs?

These insect pests typically invade buildings from early fall to frost. Hundreds of box elder bugs may invade buildings to overwinter in wall voids, attics, under siding or in soffits. Seeking moisture, these insects can become a serious nuisance around houseplants and in greenhouse and nursery settings. Once they have gained entry to a building, box elder bugs usually remain hidden, although they may occasionally come out of hiding to sun themselves on south-facing interior walls. While harmless to humans, in large numbers these insects can stain walls, curtains and other surfaces with their excrement.

Box elder bugs and other insects that gain entry into homes and buildings in the fall will again become a problem in the spring, your local pest control experts at Viking Pest Control warn. As spring days lengthen and grow warmer, overwintering insects emerge from their hiding places, once again creating a nuisance as they struggle to return outdoors where they spend the summer feeding and breeding.  If box elder bugs are causing you problems, contact Viking Pest Control today!

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