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Viking Pest Control Empowers Boonton High School Students with Desktop Computer Donation

Viking Pest Control Empowers Boonton High School Students with Desktop Computer Donation

Viking Pest Control, a leading name in pest management, has
elevated its commitment to education and technology by donating 30 desktop computers to Boonton
High School. The generous contribution, aimed at enhancing students' understanding of computer
architecture, was formally handed over in December 2023, in Boonton, NJ.

In Dilek Demirors's technology class, students embarked on an engaging reverse engineering project, a
unique opportunity made possible through the generous donation from Viking Pest Control. The
students were tasked with disassembling Dell Optiplex desktop computer towers ranging from the 3070 model to the XE3 model, allowing them to delve into the intricacies of computer components.

Dilek Demirors, the technology class instructor, expressed enthusiasm about the project, saying, "My
goal with this lesson was to create a teamwork contract, use tools to disassemble a device, and sketch
and document their full understanding of how it works. The lesson went well, and the students
demonstrated a keen interest in compiling what they learned into a manual and write-up that
summarizes the object's purpose, bill of materials, and operation procedure with orthographic and
isometric sketches. It was gratifying to see their active participation, and they gained valuable insights.
The students learned how to apply the steps of the engineering design process to come up with ideas for how the product or device could be improved for the benefit of the end user.”

The Viking donation opened exciting possibilities for the students. Through this reverse engineering
project, they gained hands-on experience with computer architecture and developed critical thinking
and problem-solving skills.

The donation aligns with Viking Pest Control's broader mission to support STEM education. By providing
the necessary resources for the reverse engineering project, Viking aims to inspire students to consider
building their own computers and foster an interest in pursuing careers in STEM fields.
"We believe in investing in the future, and what better way than empowering young minds with the
tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology," said Eric Gunner,
Pest Control Professional at Viking Pest Control.

Boonton High School is particularly significant to Viking as the connection is rooted in their Senior IT
Support Specialist, Raul Aguilar, who is a former teacher at Boonton High School. This donation
exemplifies Viking's dedication to fostering community connections and promoting education.
"We are thrilled to be a part of Boonton High School's educational journey and are confident that these
computers will contribute to the growth and development of the students," added Gunner.


Learn more about Viking's Community and Charitable endeavors on our "In Our Communities" page. 

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